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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Monday, November 29, 2004

ever come across a confuse cow???

hahaha here your once in a life time chance....MOtherly MO has been really confused these few days man...just waiting for tmr to be over but also wishing tmr would neva come...but if we dont' go pass tmr then we wont make it to saturday where may comes back...ha hmmm i'am going nuts man.... its just a few more hours before i meet the Big Lim of our schl...

hmmm well today huimin and i spend quite a lot of money on the christmas deco...santa must be having some manpower crisis man all the christmas deco stuff are so EXPENSIVE!! well what to do :) lets hope we can do some really pretty stuff with what we have...just hold on k peeps...

yea i think i finally am able to put that SYF Gold top band shit behind my mind matter what i just love sajc band man...donno why i'am talking about this now la but just felt like doing it...the music that we are working towards is really fantastic man..its the kind where we'll leave the audience stunned and u see melted hearts all over the place... wooaw ...

lets just continue to work hard k fellow bros and sis...and as i promised andre and i are hot on your heels so yea must continue to move on k... :)

3rd nite without any form of contact with may...Goodness Gracious man

ur MOtherly MO

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glosz 's house was fun
and the food was good!
especially his tau gehs.
ate like 3 helpings of it.

the polar bear and
Sala's funny pointing-palm-catching-finger game was cool too!
with all the wacky forfeits and all.

Luwin is so cute!


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people on the right.
By Min

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Weird faces around me.
By Min

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Hmm interpret this yourself.
By Min

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This is London Bridge too. :)
By Min

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Mummy, ahhhhhmy, jiajia
By Min

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People in the centre.
By Min

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Sorry for the blurness. Hahaha, anyway this is London Bridge.
By Min

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Bandies at Glosz's
By Min

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How to get to the Zoo Zoo Zoo from the west.

By Bus
From the City, take bus service 171 or 190 to Mandai Road, then alight and transfer to bus service 927.
P.S Bus 171 and 190 go through Bukit Panjang, so those living in the area do take note.

By Mass Rapid Transit
Alight at Ang Mo Kio station (NS16) and take bus service 138.
Alight at Choa Chu Kang station (BP1/NS4) and take bus service 927.

P.S WESTIES, these are possible routes to the zoo zoo zoo.

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greetings from the creative one


Anyway. WHY IS UGLY DEON CRISTIANO? Cristiano is like so damn hot, dropdead gorgeous. Ooo! Deon, get a life. Hahahaha. Huimin wants to play soccer too! Hahahaha, gotta put what kums taught into use! Who said soccer is a boys game!? Tralala. Alrighty, go GFC!

Oh Band camp totally rocks, though tiring. Man, we're definitely progressing at a an encouraging rate. Cheerios! And the lunch today, haha, had fun totally. AND TUESDAY ZOO OUTING! Everyone's invited! J2s coming too! Oh for the people near Ang Mo Kio right, we're meeting at the station at 8am. For the westies, andre is settling with yall. And the rest neither amk nor west, tell me about it alright? I'll arrange a time to meet at mandai first. Lalala. Oh, in order to save money and deal with the grumbling stomach, please bring your own food! By the way the entrance fee is $14. Huimin is gonna check out the turtles. Awww, so exciting.

Okay Huimin loves all of you! Tralala. *poof!*


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Sunday, November 28, 2004

haaa.....SOCCER TEAM...

now now now!!!...this is a super rare time tht u see mi post sumthing...coz for GILMAN F.C....AND NOW FOR THE NAMES OF OUR GILMAN F.C

2) MA-FU ( marcus AFTER CAFU )
13) SALA-P.NEVILE ( don't know his position yet, so choose phil nevile<-- versatile playing )
14) TIM0 ( currently don't hav one. so pls tell mi if u hav a suggestion )
15) ZHIJIAN ( currently dont hav one. so pls tell mi if u hav a suggestion )

16) SURESH BATIGOL ( currently on loan from sajc f.c played 1 )

manager: KUMZ CAPELLO ( subjected to change to rio kumz after he starts playing )

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

MOtherly MOO

ooh my first night without any form of contact with may at all...aiyo...goodness man...well just got bombed by my parents...guess i'll be like jie soon...yea Mr D Glosz told me in the face that if the tubas improve their first touch, the band would sound even sorry guys just keep going first k don't give up Andre and i are catching up with u guys soon man...

ooh ya hope ya all did not get any rash or anything during the band camp...bleh...MOs did not really clean up the floor for you all...sorry huh...

ur MOtherly MO

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GFC 2nd Half Match Analysis.


Bet You Guys Have Been Watching This Space For a

Before you proceed read TohToh's latest entry.

Ok cant wait? ME TOO!

REaD MY 2nd HALF MATCH ANALYSIS!!!!! [clap clap clap]

Ok dudes. I'm gonna correct some mistakes. In the 1st half.
The score was 3-2 coz we managed to score one volley from a corner.
And one more rebounded shot from Fat Sam Rolly Prolly Jr's
fantastic spilling of the ball. If points for spilling of the ball were given,
he would have gotten 200 outta 100 points. Anyway the scorer was
Kok Hoe. Thanks to the quick reaction of Yaofeng. Looks like he was
lining up far behind when God was giving out brains so God gave him
one with faster reaction senses. ANyway, here comes the second half

Back to that day...

Ok, here we are live in Seragoon Junior College Stadium. Me Futbol
Mundial Report Toh is here live with the team - GFC.

-----"""Marcus: Ok Guys! We must not be afraid of the 4 commandos.
Stop telling yourself that they are commandos, Trust me! Match Fitness
is totally different from On the PITCH fitness!..... *blah blah*.
TohToh: I'm sexy guys I'm sexy guys I'm sexy gu..... . Manager
Kumz: Ok people I'm gonna put TieMoTie in and Zhi jian also....
we must work hard... Toh stop walking arou... I'm hairy... Hit the bar 4 times...
*blah blah* TohToh: I'm sexy guys I'm sexy guys I'm se...
Yaofeng: Eh can I switch flank with you ornot that Farhan very.....
Liang Shi: -_-'' .. .
Addison: Eh must spread out more mus...
Liang Shi: -_-". """----------

As we can see many team members like Liang "Plue" Shi
were engaged in a lively and non-passive team talks.
Therefore with renewed confidence, the players reentered
the pitch and won the match.


haha ok la not yet. Anyway, After the kick off the players were
much more livelier but still could not find the goal for their breakthrough.
Fearless and special TieMoTie put in one tackle onto Commando
Midfield diver Farhan and the girls screamed. One commando then dived
claiming a GFCian had slided him. He would have won the Oscar award then.
We have to realise that soccer matches are held on grass pitches not
swimming pools or the sea thus we all should try not to dive.
Anyway the refree being a typical Singaporean totally ignore the artistic
acting of Oscar award Nominee and let the play go on. Awwww...
Thats what they say about Singaporeans not appreciating art.
Tsk. Then with a stroke of genius, TohToh changed places with
Kok Hoe while Kok came off for Zhi Jian. When TohToh recieved
the ball, he spreaded it to the right [just like wad Addison said].
The Red One locked on to the ball and brought it out wide.
TohToh moved like a flash of lightning and sprinted/dashed into
the area to force the defenders to panic. One sweet cross was all it
required for the opposition to raise their hands to push the ball away.
It was like the NBA finals where Jordan grabbed the ball. Penalty.
The opposition then threatened to start an Indonesian riot on the pitch
with much of the violence coming from the commandos.
I tot they were supposed to protect us. Despite the commotion,
GFCians were focused and totally ignored them, they were the peace makers,
the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces on the football pitch.
TohToh cooly put the ball pass the keeper into the net to
create the equaliser. Genius. [Crowd cheers]. 3-3.
After that attack, the oppostion started retaliating with much
pressure but the GFCians stayed cool. On corner called for our sexy keeper
Lim Chair to make a brilliant save to keep us in the game!
Finally something to do huh!? He was very happy, totally forgetting
that he had to go home to hit the books after the match.
But, comeon give the poor kid some happy memories would u?
Anyway in the last five mins, just when we tot the match would end all equal,
a brilliant tackle from the fearless Yaofeng onto the
commando Midfielder Farhan put Someone through on goal.
Someone passed the ball to The Red One and he blasted
the ball into the net. 4-3! Fantastic! GFC was in the lead.
Marvellous come back! One more goal kick from Plue d-_-b Plue
which TohToh intercepted first touch to put The Red One through,
however he wasted it with some cheeky kick. Ah...z.
Uncle came on to make much difference too.
Terence came on to field the defence and both of them combined to show
their teeth to the opponents. Zhijian had a fantastic game reading
movements well and creating 2 chances which were wasted.
Ahem. Anyway, PEET! The final whistle was blown and GFC WON!.
4-3 the final score.

After the match, the players stayed to watch another match
between Celtic and Rangers. Chinese Style. Anyway team celebrations
were held in the Toh Mansion where Yaofeng engaged in horny intercourses
with prawns orally. It was a happy scene to be remember by all fans.
Thanks to All fans of GFC who turned up.
And once again if you missed this engaging match
and missed seeing TohToh again.. then too bad!

Top scorers:
Watson Loke - 8 goals
The Red One - 7 goals
Toh Toh - 6 goals
Yaofeng - 5 goals
Marcus - 2 goals
Kumz - 2 goals
Eddiztrombone - 1 goal

This is Futbol Mundial Reporter Toh Signing off live,
from the stadium of Serangoon Junior College. Bye for now.

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Ok dudies, my new name is TohToh.. like Kaka? hahah ok, live with it!
Anyway, I'm actually kinda surprised that no one has blogged since our
return to reality. Anyway, this band camp has seen many changes to my
playing and life. Anyway I think Sajcband has greatly improved.
On the first night, the music we created was absoutely beautiful.
I gotta admit, in my sec sch life, I only heard such music just once as my band
was all about techniques and hardly about anything called tone. My conductor
was always going "use your tongue to say TI or DO" and instructing as when to
breathe and how to play and about fingerworks and fast tonguing, and projection
and being trapped in a ball of sound but I hardly heard anyone saying
anything about producing the RIGHT sounds or the RIGHT tones. Only
when I came here I learnt about this, about this information which was
seriously lacking in not only VS band but almost every band in Singapore.
And after learning about techniques for 4 years then did I realise that Tone
was another aspect which was lacking in me which will ultimately make me
a more complete player. When I heard Ave Maria which we created, I was
just inspired to go on and on. And for the 1st time I wasnt looking at the
blue square on the wall. Over these 3 days, much alteration has been done to
the band and I think we did come out strong. Honestly when some of us
fought for the band camp extra night, I really did not fully believe that the
extra night would do any good. I didnt even think the camp would do any good.
But I still decided to give it a shot and not give up on the band so the big mouth
exploded. Ytd during dinner then only did I realise the amount of work done
and the results that we clocked. The band has totally changed its sound and
sounds and we sounded great at many moments. Even at St Pats, when I
heard Amanda play the oboe solo, I didnt know it was her. I seriously thought
it was some St Pats player. When I realised it was her, I felt that same feeling
where you hear a player with great potential and cant seem to wait to hear her
improve and become a fantastic musician. The musicians in SAJCBAND have
greatly improved. I have to comment on my section. Everyone has improved.
Melvyn's tone changed and now he sounds good and confident, esp at St Pats,
he was a different Melvyn I heard on Wed morning. A Loo is now playing with so
much more confidence and with a rounder and fuller tone.
Although she makes mistakes frequently she still whacks the notes away,
and being bold and confident is the 1st step to being a good musician. Huimin has
improved alot as her tone is now fuller too. And her confidence has also grown,
and I felt it alot when I heard her SIGHT READ Toccata. I really have to thank
all of them for putting in so much effort for the band and holding on although
their lips where about to drop off. Overall the whole band has really matured in a
short 3 days, but ITS NOT OVER YET. It will never be over. No musicianis perfect.
But you could be perfect at enjoying music. Anyway the idea is for us to continue to
work hard. I think even Jie has shown so much more confidence in his conducting.
The band has also grown so much more closer. Just think about the batch games.
We were laughing together. Together is the word. Sajcband is now so much
more stronger. Hold on people, just work hard. Mr Glosz has changed the band
and so have we. Continue to place confidence in him ok? Tml outing at his house,
lets just party together, I can truly see his "I'm enjoying SAJC coz they are
making music" days are back. Let them never go away. The camp was as
painless and as enjoyable which I never thought it would have been.
Salahuddin Haque, May and Jie did a fantastic job too.

Peace, the camp was fantastic.
Toh Toh.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

End of Operation
By Min

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Hahaha. Colourful fat body.
By Min

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Stu 'Blarck Marn' Lee getting raped. Poor kid.
By Min

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Hey people, this is your friendly UO here. andre

This is an announcement to all band members!

Please DO NOT wear your white band tee on wednesday UNLESS u have an extra band tee. This is because, i want the whole band to wear the band tee during our music exchange at St Pats.

Thank U!

P.S- This message is for everyone. Members, if you read this and realised due to circumstances that your SL have not passed the message, do take the initiative to pass it around to your section. Similarly, SLs, who have not received this msg, do send it to the rest of your section.
Anyone who skrews this up, will be skrewed.. heh.. nah.. i'm kidding. But, no band tee's on wed or during camp if it would help, unless you have an extra piece.



have fun @ the camp..

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

sajc band


Hey people... ytd band prac had its highs and lows. Sorry for being rude during the meeting... Anyway I hope things will look up. Now that the teachers have promised us the camp nights, we should keep our side of the promise too and not comprimise on discipline. Lets make sure we stick to the schedule like UHU glue k? Btw nice match ytd, was really exciting.. I'll try to finish the rest of the match report, when I am less lazy? As for the people who missed it.. haha tsk. And those with any injuries occured ytd.. take care. As for tomorrow's band prac, dont be late! Yupz, BBQ ytd was very fun, hope next time we have one, it could be at a bigger venue and more people will come, hopefully it will be centralized so Westies like Andre can make it. The Northies are just too hip. J2s, Im waiting for you people to finish your As then we can "play" together. Meanwhile, today has been a boring day. Chill. Tsk.

Hope you love,

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Growling Stomach

hi ppl,

(i) days have been flying has been almost a month since my operation..i feel better as the days pass..thanks guys..u've been a real moral booster...making me feel good although i can't play and all..well,have to admit that band practices are getting more fun as the days past..and i'm sure band camp is going to be a blast..lets show those ppl who dun have "trust" in us what we're made off..rite..i just came back from marcus` place not too long ago..spent the night there watching soccer with a few other soccer guys..was a really wild time..i'm freakin hungry now..waiting for my mum to finish cooking.

(ii) calling all members of GFC..congrats on continuting on ur winning streak..but don't be very happy..ytd's match was a narrow escape from defeat..i'll address u all the next time on the mistakes u all made and how we can improve..till the next match,pls nurse urselves well..take care


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GFC 3rd Match Analysis/Report

3rd match analysis

Sup dudies and galies. Its me again, the Futbol Mundial Reporter.
After being released by the club administration over a heated meeting about the camp next week, the players quickly changed in the office from their spongebob boxers to tight fitting undies, from gay looking shorts to those of the black and sliver and from any of the club sponsored shirts to their smart looking GFC black and orange. They quickly did the ceremonial visit to the toilets then left for the departure bay to board the team bus to Harbourfront Terminal. On the way to the Northlands of Singapore, the team train picked up our left back who just returned from international duty of selling butterflies - Shuan. Constant bickering between Uncle Sour Creme and Andre Baboon proved much entertainment especially for Plue. So CUTEEE. At 3:30p.m or around there we arrived at the North - Kovan Terminal. The team made it pass duty-free and hurried to Heartland Mall to purchase some physical boosters like Old Change Kee and waffles or even bread from Prima-Deli to give them required strength on the pitch. Right and left flankers Zhi Jian and Terence joined the squad and soon we were there, our destination, Serangoon Junior College, late. Doh.

Our original opponents chickened out after hearing the likes of Deon Toh and Toh PR being drafted into the 1st team plans, thus we had to get new opponents. Plue Tee managed to contact his former club, Cal... something church to spar against us then. As most of their 1st team players were already snatched up by GFC, they had no choice but to employ 4 commandos to play for them. Wow. Like Wow. Thanks for the respect man. At first we tot it would be easy cause the opponents were highly disabled by the main players absence. Little did we know they would call for 2 pairs of backup from the commandos which arrived on bikes. I guess the "road to EURO" commercials really did influence some players. Anyway the fearless GFC players were already gearing up to gun them down and showed no fear at all. They took their positions on the pitch. And so, there were 22, kickoff.

The opponents took the lead against us. Tsk. Though I cant remember how, I did remember our dear refree blowing the whistle [which means GAME STOP] but they still claimed the goal. Nvm. GFCians are generous. A moment after that, the match ball rolled to Andre at 10km/h which we watch roll pass his legs and started chasing it. Talk about cats and string balls. The opponents instinctive commando midfielders pounced on poor Andre and started toying with his feelings, tackling the ball away then slotting the ball home pass Uncle Sour Creme. WOW. I bet this time Andre and Chair did provide much entertainment for everyone! Just like on the train. Team work indeed. However our dear GFCians did strike back. On our first corner taken by DTOH, he whipped the ball directly to Eddiztrombone's head which he headed.... PONG! the ball went off the post. Everyone stood in awe, but no one responded for the rebound. Thats real fast reaction indeed. On the second corner, the ball was whipped in by DTOH again, this time the ball bounced once and our Striker Watson took the volley home. 2-1 was the score. This time slow reaction did help! Amazing! Moments later, DTOH was released by The Red One thanks to his intelligent exploitation of the offside trap. However most of his brain juice evaporated by then as he did not have the equal intelligence to put the ball pass Fat Sam Rolly Prolly Junior. Dang. [Crowd smacks forehead] Just when we had a glimmer of hope. Andre was substituded with Meclin. He clashed with Plue and the ball landed straight to Plue brothers' feet which he swept pass Chair. 3-1. GFCians were in deep shite. DTOH lost his cool for the moment and started shouting at the GFCians. Tsk. Soon The Red One had the ball and was going in one on one with Fat Sam Rolly Prolly Junior when he just had to HAD TO Beckham the ball over the bar. BEEP! End of 1st half. The battle is half done.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

SAJC BAND featuring Scary Pictures.

First ever live capture of Piao Piao in the band room!!
see her distinct head and body hovering over our batch tee?
yup! me and enru caught a picture of her after band practice.
when there wasn't many people around.. lol.

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SAJS performance photos

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Addi and his tuba!

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acting like pri sch kids in a pri sch. lol.

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giving out sweets!

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guess who??

Someone with really big eyes. lol.
its quite obvious actually.
if you can't get it, you can go bang your head against the wall.

give you a clue.
it's a guy.


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hey boys n girls...

today's pract is really a serious yet productive one... woohoo... we finally played and completed(first time) toccata n fuge~ GRADE 5 piece! not bad guys... but the thing is we're not jus gonna jus play thru n be contented ah... since we chose this to b our CHOICE piece... we must really work hard k... i am really dead serious... no joke man... must must must work hard for this piece...its not easy but not impossible... too many of us... we have nv tried or attempted this type of pieces... so new experience ya? dun disappoint anyone ok? we are got high expectations from everyone... EVERYONE IN THE BAND IS AS IMPORTANT AND PROFICIENT AS THE WEAKEST PLAYER.

oh ya... im so envious of all the beansprouts you all got on your score of toccata...even TUBA part got more than tbone la... yeah me roch and kums are happily sitting there counting the bars of rest and the demisemi-quaver e woodwind players are playing... hahah.... woo... again to you guys... NOT EASY YET NOT IMPOSSIBLE. =] wat a syf piece for me... hahha... but the trmbone section is still as impt as the rest... =]

i can see the band is improving as we move along...well done band... but dun be COMPLACENT ya? i also start to see mr. glosz effort in the band... so let's not disappoint him k... we can do it!

the most impt thing i believe is... dun disappoint yourself... we all have high expectations in our own playing(i hope) and i always see ppl sulking and disappointed faces after pract when they did not perform up to their standard... yeah... push yourself... there are still alot alot alot more spaces for improvement... there is nv a full stop in our abilities... u will nv know how much u can succeed unless u try... =]

i shall cont next time... cya tk care =]

kokie a.k.a. WATSON

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004



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sajc band

ello bros and siss...nice day huh though have to wake up so very early...haha going back to sajs reminds me of my junior schl days man...haha so much excitement everyday...haha i'am sure it reminded u guys of some stuff too yea :)

ai forget tt performance today man it was soo toot la...but instead it was the time spent together tt was fruitful la...spending time together and all...

its just the right attitude and effort that david glosz wana see la...don have to put challenge to him and all but just OWOW him with ur attitude and effort lo..definately enough to shut him up de...

hmmm everyone of ya Pls pLs plS PLS take good care of ya health k...and also ya studies...don forget those holiday hw and revisions...busy schedule coming up le handle ya time well ya... love ya all people... :)

ur MOtherly MO

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thanks ah, aloo, now everybody saw my photo le!!!!! ah!!!!!!! but nvm la, so cute rite? haha. hmm, quite long never blog le, so i shall grace the blog with my entry. but actually, i dunno wat to write leh, haha, juz wanna "thank" aloo, or rather, oola, only, haha. listening to whatsoever things now, the eupho solo is so damn nice la!! hope i'll be able to play like tt and tt our band will be able to play the piece perfectly in the future. anyway, hope tt band prac will b enjoyable tml and tt we'll improve with every practice. i guess tt's all i have to say le. byebye, see u guys tml!!


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a day in mini-land.

Hey, its your friendly UO here, andre!! Decided to blog cos i realised i haven't blog here for ages and was kinda bored.

like to start by kinda apologizing to the band, due to the uniform 'skrew-up'. Erm, its wasn't really a skrew-up, but hearing Mr Glosz comment on how sloppy we looked and all, kinda felt it was the fault of us UOs, anyway i guess we all learn something new everyday, wearing stickman tee's isn't really displaying our band's actual value, we deserve better. Was thinking about some 'outside' performing Uni, similar to SAS hawaiian shirts.. BUT NO HAWAIIAN.. looks weird man. We are SAJC band, not some tourist group. haha. yup, we shall find other suitable performing unis..
Anyway, compliments to MIN who is like going to thailand now? for the wonderful batch tee.
just for info: if you all haven't notice, there is a typo. its suppose to be 'ONE beat we create.' and not On beat we create. haha. sorry but guess it will do. i mean. ON beat. sounds like we can play ON the beat. haha.

alright, bout today's performance. sorry but i rate it as one of our worst. yes, there is the accoustics of the hall, and all the other details which contributed to the lacklustre performance. but i dun think this should be our approach in justifying our performance. yeah, we can always learn something from each performance. so i just hope everyone would learn some stuff from today's experience. the need to play loud but without sacrificing your tone and all. individually there is still room for improvement. for one the tuba needs to be able to support the band. and i need to improve in other technical stuff. sooner rather than later. =P

to all the wonderful ladies in our band, dun take what mr glosz said or what the male leaders said about how girls seem to be the 'weaker' gender too personally. or even to negatively. i guess the point here is that most of the guys just want the girls to have more say in the band and i bet you, the guys were dying to hear some girls challenge mr glosz. haha. so be more 'yourselfs', coz i know for one that most of the girls in the band are very 'rah-rah'.
P.S this goes to the guys too, please dun get too egoistic and think that we are in any way better, coz in reality there are more girls than guys in the band. haha.

soccer match this sat, lets just pray that everyone will get well soon. haha and hope that jie would be in good form to challenge more worthy opponents.

cheerios everyone.


shucks, i still don't know the lame thingy about the mrt stations. bahz!

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hi ppl,

well,i'm just damn tired today..don't know why also..i dosed off in the office after most of you all left..only marcus lay as stone as a corpse beside me,sleeping as well..and kok on joey's lap..don't know what Enru and ALoo were trying to do..Addi also was sleeping and i don't know about DtoH.So,today's performance wasn't too bad although i hadn't practiced much and couldn't play certain parts(at least i'm honest k)..Hmm,blogging after some time have to think what to say.......err........btw,about this saturday's soccer match..heard is not going to be a easy one this time,so reality check people! Guess its time to buck up if we have been sloppy..Gillman Futbol Club,i think i have to be strict as Jose is with sex,no boose..haha..just kidding there..well,i hear from Addi that most of you'll are suffering from injuries following recent soccer tournaments etc..take care and try to get them healed..joint pain(like knee pain..)can be treated by applying ice..muscle pain,please use tiger muscle rub,which is available at your neighbourhood manager..i would like to tell you pain,good game....i got new formation for you all,which i will inform you all on Saturday hang in there players of GFC. rest of the well we can have a great,fun and enjoyable time tmr during practise.


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Hey friends. Gonna leave ya all for a while. Gonna be back before ya noticed! Oh man, gonna miss practices and sunday's performance. Argh. Finefine, be that way. Anyway, today's cool at SAJS. Though the place is like mini and hot. Talk about the morning experience. Thank you Liangshi for the morning call and Enru for her morning message and Aloo for her effort in attempting to wake me up. Hahaha. And J(ch)ie, stop harping on my unglam entrance. Well, and it's fun torturing andre jason reddy dorcas with those lil kids games. Hahaha. Hope the batch tee is cool enough for you guys. Post up the batch photo!!! YAY! Alright. Off to the airport!


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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

yup yup

hmmm decided to pack my room today after dinner...Goodness la...donno how to pack sia...its only one quarter through la decided to stop anyway then can here to blog blog lo...

aiyo donno wats up with me man...i think i need a brain transplant...just cant seem to enjoy band prac la...shit man...i know it was not bad today and all but ai donno lay just cannot smile...or feel good...ha eh dont be mistaken k...not blaming anyone or wat its just me...MOtherly MO....haha

ooh then was so touched today when many ppl asked abt my dear too :) well she had diarrhoea lo...sorry guys neva tgc of ya VP.... "(
but she's fine dy... :) thank you all for being sooo thoughful

yea agree with DTOH man...many players are injured me...bruised knee ankle...deon donno wat whole body cramp... shi got bad blisters and all aiyo then our dear kumz also out for long long lots of shit man...subs better come down man...supporters too... :P this match is no walk over like the others man...goodness...but well lets not balls shrink man go put up a good fight...LETS INJURE THEM TOO!!! HE HE HE HE....

hahaha watever man...jia you sajcband!!

ur MOtherly MO

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GFC vs. Liang Shi's Friends Team
Date: 20th Nov
Time: 3 p.m
Venue: Behind Heartland Mall
Fee for the field: 25 Singapore Dollars

Ok peeps, ytd,our dear GFC representatives took part in the Baptist Cup and we won the 3rd category. Ok la, anyway today I here to present to you our upcoming third match before I turn in. I ran outta jokes and lost my mojo for the moment so this would be a rather plain report. And people start blogging la. This opponents look to be tough and may end our glorious winning streak so you people must work hard. AFTER THIS MATCH. THERE WILL BE QUITE A LONG BREAK BEFORE THE NEXT MATCH SO PLAY HARD.

Top Scorers so far:
Watson Loke: 5 goals
Toh Keng Yong: 5 goals
The Red One: 5 goals
Calvin Wong: 2 goals
Fong Peng Jun: 2 goals
R S: 2 goals
Chee something something: 1 goal
Opponents: 1 goal

Avaliable Players and likely Line up

Forwards: Watson SC, Keng Yong FRL

Midfielders: Calvin FRL, The Red One FRL, Suresh AMC, Chee something something DMC

Defense: Terence DRL, Andre DRL, Uncle DC, Christopher DC

Goal Keeper: Chair GK

Manager: RS

Subs: Mel, Stuart, Marcus [<--- HAHAHA aiyah up to you la], Shaun, TieMoTie, Haque.

*Due the number of injuries and people unavaliable, we need all the subs to appear. And all supportors are greatly needed. So please turn up people! And btw, wheres our netball team? The team tatics report will come up soon with RS deciding on it. The END.

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Deonnny here people. Band prac was quite good today. Definately humourous. I think the band sounds good when Mr Glosz is up there. Ok and I was in a lame mood during band practice cause there were hints of nice sounds. Anyway, UNCLE SOUR CREME LIM CHAIR JIE! Dont fret too much man, we will always be behind you, but you gotta improve faster! COME ON! WE WILL SUPPORT YOU! WO MEN YONG[<-- Tis is a nice word] YUAN ZI CHI NI! Ok you gotta admit Ah Lim is quite far from what we hope he will be but nevertheless, its his first time and its our first time under him too. Everyone has a first time so lets support him and work hand in hand to the end. Ok but it was productive today for everyone and lets aim to be even better then next prac.

Anyway tomorrow is the band's performance. Aiming to be professionals, no matter who we are performing to, music is not only a universal language, it appeals to all ages too, so.... we should aim to give the kids goosepimples too and arouse [ no means for a pun there ] their musical interests. Anyway, for ourselves we must perform our best every performance regardles of the scale of it. Lets take this chance to gain some musical experience. For every performance I usually gain something new.. so besides enjoying yo selves tml, learn something too.

Ok today was not a bad day, had a nice lunch wif the bandies and Addi and I once again extended our meals to the 8th lunch but sadly we had to end there. Anyway some bandies did come to my house after that to watch SUPER SIZE ME. Ya it was gross and I swear not to eat MAC for one month. And next time, only once a month. Fast food sucks la. Food courts are always better. The healthier choice. And people, exercise more!

Anyway thats all for today so chill. And get prepared for our next match.


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Monday, November 15, 2004

Guess who?!


guess who's the girl on the right?
the winner no prize lar
just for the kick of it.

oh gosh.
don't kill me for it.


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Hello, its Deonnny the dick/sexgod etc anyway, hows life everyone. Just played in some baptist cup today with some SAJC band peeps. We won the 3rd category, after unglorifyingly qualifiying for it. Ok la, not bad, just that I'm super burnt. After that me Marcus and Kok went to Addi's house to swim again. Ok so you can imagine how tired I'm now? I'm lobster red. OH ya, btw today, me and addison have reached a record of eating lunch dinner and 4 breakfasts together for 1 week STRAIGHT. [Straight = not gay and non stop]. Dont jealous la May. K fine joking. Band practice is tomorrow with Mr Glosz. You peeps have fun k. I wont be around. Music matters that I must handle [so serious hor.. hahz]. Ok I cant think straight now, as in cant think properly now. Btw min! HOW COME ALL THE PICTURES ARE OF THE SLACKERS AND SUPPORTORS!? WAD ABOUT THE WORKER ANTS [TADPOLES] ON THE PITCH! Man i demand a repost of all the pics! hahah btw its ok la. Btw ppl, I think we have been playing abit too much of soccer. I have been incurring too much injuries. Like... thigh strains, blue blacks all over, cuts, abrasions, blisters [big], ankle sprains etc. I suggest after the 20nov match, everyone takes a break before we play Vignesh's team. ok Chill.


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Thank the Supporters!

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this was taken while the match was going on behind them.

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Evidence of Uncle slacking again.

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Evidence of uncle slacking.

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Goalie who was not tired at all.

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Half-time. Rest time.

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Deon on for a header.

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Sala and Marcus going for the ball.

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Sunday, November 14, 2004


Hey friends.

Aww band practice is fun today. Hahaha. Anyway I got nothing to say lah. Stupid uncle forcing me to type some rubbish here. Uncle is an irritating slacky defender (bear 12 aka zerozero) who refuses to sleep at 12:19am when he has to go church in the morning. Kids these days. Aww man, please have the 21st Nov performance in the evening so there's chance huimin can join in the fun. *roars!* ARGH! Okay fine, thailand is cool. Oh anyway ah, huimin has never tasted ba kut teh before, so do aloo and ms ho, anyone keen on a bkt outing!? Hahahaha. Can't wait to really play-play whatsoever things. The piece just slowly grows into you. Woo. Quite a cool piece. Not easy but not impossible to play. View things cool, nothing's too tough for us. Yup, cool? Yup. *thumbs up* Aiya, sidetrack, I wanna eat dimsum. Can we have an eating spree? AIYA I'M HUNGRY. Happy thoughts my friends. I'm oh-so-excited for the lil bbq party tomorrow. OH HO. No corn aloo. And it's corn FIELD. I hope there's waffle tomorrow? :D



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Friday, November 12, 2004

thursday 11/11

Thanks to the superb organising skills of our dearest MJC opponents we were made to

  • Travel all the way to Tampines just to make them lose. lol.

  • Call poor Enru, Jason and Ada 233459674 times just to confirm whether they were playing at TPJC or at TampinesMRT.

  • Nearly climb over the TPJC's BARBED WIRED fences that were right behind a common bus stop.Everytime a bus stops, the passengers would simultaneously look out of their windows and suspiciously stared at us while we were finding ways to climb over or dig through. lol. Even the little boy sitting at the bus stop didn't let us off. It wasn't only that. Even if we did MADE it pass the BARBED WIRES, we would have encountered their cleverly planted sentries - RED ANTS.

  • Take a bus towards the wrong direction and ended up at Loyang Valley instead of Temasek Poly, which we were suppose to meet them instead. [lol. we got on the bus without asking the bus driver] Huimin thought we were in Malaysia cos the condos in Loyang looked like some malaysian houses. Anyway, we had no idea where we were and so Deon suggested we take a cab there.

  • Crack our brains so hard just to think of stupid ways to torture the opponents just for the fun of it after the game. Eg: asking them to pay all our cabs fares, mass-attacking them etc etc. We were so entertained by it that the taxi driver looked alittle... scared.

  • Ignore the poor security guard that was signalling frantically at us as we strolled in group by group into TP. He even had to cycle in on his bicycle to stop us. poor feller. as if working on Deepavali wasn't bad enough.

  • Play on the muddy, tadpole breeding, ball sucking field with goal poles that were 2D. It was so hard to see whether anyone scored. So in the end, we depended so seeing how you guys cheered. The moment you all cheered, means we scored a goal.

  • See how Deon is going to spawn frogs out of his arse in the near future and to see how Lim jie and Jason search for tadpoles once in awhile during the match.

  • Switch from one field to another inbetween the match [and inbetween the girl's deserts] because some niao guy didn't allow us to use the feild as we didn't pay. There wasn't even anyone using it. lol.

  • See how everyone enjoyed the game even though the conditions was quite bad.

lol. we should actually thank the oppenents with the superb organising skills because if not for their meticulous planning, we probably won't have experienced such a eventful day.. at least for me.



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Starting eleven: Jie, Terence, Salahuddin Haque, Deon Toe, Uncle, Eddiztrombone, Yao, Marcus, Andre, Liang, The Red One, [Kok]

Score: 11 GFC - mjc class 0
Goal Scorers: 3 DEON TOH. SHUTTUP.
2 Kok
2 The Red one
2 Marcus
1 Eddiztrombone
1 Own Goal [Hahz]

Pitch Conditions: Wet and filled with tadpoles.

With the players tired from running around finding a field due to our lovely and participative organisers from the Mjc side, most of us started with 80% of our conditioning left. With Mel, Shuan Pangseing the team and with Kumz stuck at home, the team was left disabled. Nevertheless we started with the ceremonial "scaring the opposition" warm ups and indeed left them astounded. After going through some, some... very little warm ups, we decided to go through kumz plans and followed as told. However we did replace the striker who was late, with our very own home grown Red riding Sala[moon]huddin Haque. The other striker, Terence was also put in place. For most of the match, the ball was attracted to the field as though the tadpoles were clinging on to them. No more midnight soccer for them though, many of the poor tadpoles were killed under our boots. Chances were created for our strikers including the one who was late. For example, Deon dribbles down the line and passes the ball to Terence, who .. taps the ball to the keeper, and then the keeper places a 50 dollar note straight in his palm and thanks him for being ever so helpful. There were many disgustingly embarrasin moments like when Deon or The Red One fallin down and cramping the froglings into their butts. However there were even funnier moments when Marcus volunteeringly sat down in the puddles and so happily wanted to breed the tadpoles. Our cool dudes were funny too, chasing the balls and the Red one, was very cool, trying to scare the oppostion with the occasionally cool "BOO"s! Besides the opposition's 2 center halves who proved to be more rough then skilled, we had a rather simple match. Thanks to all the supportors who helped us shift the bags and in the process of doing so, we scored 3 goals which they all missed. Muaha. Later on we still scored more in the second half. More injuries were incurred this time like Marcus injuring his leg, Deon's back, the oppostions players and Jie having knee cramps for not doing anything for a looonnng time. Oh ya congraulations to him in taking 3 goal kicks and sliding one away. Thats like four touches in the game. Kudos to Liang who was constantly bugging the strikers and for Uncle Jason in trying to inform us about the cute little tadpoles hanging around trying to look up his shorts. Overall a pleasantly wet game.

Well done kids , our second win which brings us to an all time low goal difference of +21. our next match on the 20th of Nov.

GFC rules.

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MOtherly MO

well i came home bathe wash my boots then my mum say wana talk to me abt my the end crap for 1.5hr...all i've thought abt it liao all i've done liao...wat else man...wts...they are always right la...never are we...hahaha well maybe when we grow up its our turn liao only got two roads infront of...

hahaha well today weird day la...slpt feeling weird so woke up feeling weird too than only woke up abit when i drank a bit of red Moooooo mooooo...hahaha then ya lo my fellow band mates all played style man not forgetting my two bros ya all a goal for myself too...ooh gota apologise to those whom i scolded man so sorry k...just wanted u to share the workload with me ya...

hmmmmmm gona have band pract soon play my big huge wife hahaha wts man...wats up with me...

tmr, another big day of fun and shit and all hahahaha
ur MOtherly MO.....

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

On Deepavali Day..

harlow, my day went by quite nicely with team SAJCBAND. woke up at 2.30...called Melvyn, but he sounded half dead ...went down to TPJC and met a bunch of 'em bandies. took a cab to Temasek poly but the damn guard did'nt allow us to use the field. So we ended up using the disgusting, wet, muddy, shit and tadpole filled field. Yeah and the MJ peepz were there...basically it was another thrashing, again. 12 - 0. I played for the first time for an outside match with the bandies though i didnt touch the ball very much...BUT , there were a bunch of ppl slacking ESP sista JIE hahahahahahaah!( who came all the way from Jurong to stand and squat, LOL!!! ) Our supporters, the girls, caught them IN THE ACT..soon PAPARAZI'LOO! and PAPARAZZI'MIN! will be posting pics of em. ok after the match some went home, some went to bathe at Ada's and ENru's place. I accompanied DrAy to East Coast beach to meet his family..cos ya know Westerners are'nt very familliar getting ard in the East..yup we talked about lotsa stuff, like a band bbq cum cycling day, hari raya, syf, upcoming movies yada-yada. yeah then as a thanks, he bought me a cheeseburger, Thanks!. Made my way home and called Arisya to plan for e Hari raya outing. so far its either on the 27 or 28 ( tentative). okok enuf of me yaking away, Looking forward to Saturdays band prac .we're working on Instant Concert, Shrek Dance, under e Sea.. AND GIMMICKS ...yes u heard right.. okok ... ciaoz and good night

signing off
Taliban Clown aka Red Riding Hoodin

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in cinemas near you..

the band blog looks nice and chic now!

thanks to our dearest Creative Director,



for creating such a wonderful and pretty heading for the blog!
[by the way, its copyright so you can't right click to copy it. ah hah!]


by the way.
i like doraemon
and the "shen chu yuan shou" stupid joke.


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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Sup peeps,
Cristiano Deon here. Its been a while since the no.7 talked to the team. Today, I got called into Manager Kumz office to watch a round of Simpsons and to talk about tomorrow's team tatics. We watched my past derby match agaisnt Man City and found out that I have dramatically improved. From there, we continued to talk about the team tatics. Midfield anchorman Eddiztrombone joined in the conversation and then we discussed how to walk over the opponents. However, at this point of time, when the team is disabled, with Michelin puncturing his tyres and Player/Manager/Godahpa R S Kumaresh going through pyshiotherapy, we may have a lack of players. We have decided to call up Taliban international Red Riding Sala[moon]huddin "Hairy" Haque to enter the squad and to date, his position is still unconfirmed. Without further ado, I shall reveal the topsecretallsoooosecret team plans to the rest of you.

4-4-2 Offensive Diamond

GK: Jie <---He just got released by Arsene Wenger and is on his way back from England. Hopefully the jet lag will not get the best of him. Turn on the creme.

Defence Line: Andre Baboon DR, Sha-un DL, Liang Shi DC, Terence DC. <--- Not the strongest defenses but it will have to do. Lets all pray for the clean sheet.................. PRAY AGAIN.

Diamond Shaped Midfield: Manjen Thambi MR/FR, Uncle Jason DMC, MOther Eddiztrombone Midfield anchorman who loves May AMC, Suavely Handsomely Absoutely Muscularly Talentedly Fastly Creatively Smartly Shuaily Truly Yours Deon Toh ML/FL. <--- ML and MR subject to changing positions as they please. Hah. Heh.

Forwards: Mr. Joey SC, The Red One [Woah] SC. <---Always remember.... the hatricks are for the taking.

6 inch Subs: Michelin, Stuart, Salahuddin Haque, Mel, TiemoTie

Top scorers: Loke Kok Hoe / 3 goals
The Red One [Woah] / 3 goals
Manjen Thambi / 3 goals
Kumz / 2 goals
Deonnny / 2 goals <-- Mind you, one was absoutely spectacular. Absoult Deon. ny.

Most beautiful goal: Deonnny --->>> Fifty yards out. beat tt ha.

Most wasted miss: Kumz --- >> Freekick. Dang.

-If opposition is playing offensively
~Mom and Uncle will shuffle to next to each other
~If it doesnt work, Strengthen Midfield by supporting deon [ok fine laugh at it] or change postition to 4-5-1[Kok]

-important to use flanks efficiently. Consider it done.
-Dont pass in defense area, some people have weak hearts so clear the balls, away from the net.
-GK uncle sour creme jie must organize the defence at all times.
-Wing backs to take throw ins. And the usual ppl take corners and freekicks.

Team attire. GFC in their new home jersey. BLACK BLACK.

After team breakfast tml in the team hotel. It will be free and easy for you people. The team is expected to reach around 245p.m at TPJC stadium and begin warm ups with climbing the gate. Please have a heavy breakfast and a light lunch. Supportors are EXPECTED to arrive haha at promptly 315p.m. No pop corns are allowed. Only water and ESP. 100 plus. Medic for tml are all our supportors. Please bring your banners and towels and drinks for the players, who will be bringing glory to the band. After the game, most probably we will watch a movie or goto ICE3 to CHIILLL. And talk about our victory.

Once again men and gentleladies, complacency is not allowed for tmls game. Please listen to your captain, and listen to a review of the game tatics by the supergenius Deonny [Music plays] tml. Have a good day and makesure your NOT LATE tml.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

something to ponder...

hi boys and girls...

today is 9/11/04 tuesday... rushing thru my GPF... mostly done by me(as usual).. yeah.. waiting for addison and join deon for a movie at ps at 2pm... so we went into the cinema and jus realised that the place was full of girls... wahhah... n guess wat we watched... PRINCESS DIARY 2! yep it was my idea... hahha... BUT WHAT IS WRONG WHEN 3 STRAIGHT GUYS(2 attached 1 single) watch a sweet show? hahaha... the both wanted to watch ladder 49... hahaha..(i watched, not tt im sissy~) the show was alrite... funny... but at sweet moments... we could actually hear girls... awww...ewww.... ahhh..... was quite uncomfortable at least for me... hahhaha... OMG~... hahha... deon n addy was trying to hide their faces when we left... hahaha i was jus laughing the hell out... n i was quite taken aback... we are the only 3 guys among the girls as we walked out... =p wat a show...


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Monday, November 08, 2004

Lala chao samba; Gong gong tiao cha cha.

watched Shark's Tale on saturday!
wanted to post this for a very long time already. lol.
oh anyway, it was not bad lar except the fact that we were sitting
right in the front row..

haha. but no fear.
being the effective, efficient, creative and adaptable us,
we made full use of the leg space.
we were lying down while watching the movie.

its not my fault the pictures are so dark. lol.
it was so dark in the cinema and plus
i was using my phone.
so try to see lar.

notice we're all leaning on the chairs.

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Happy birthday to you~~~
Happy birthday to you~~~
Happy birthday to SALAHUDDIN HAQUE!!!~~~
Happy birthday to you~~~

ok.. 1...2...3..
Happy birthday to you~~~
Happy birthday to you~~~
Happy birthday to PEH BOCK KIAT!!!!~~~
Happy birthday to you~~~

<---With all due respect.

FROM SAJCBANDIES. no not panties. bandies. yes. bandies.

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Ok people,
we had a nice talk today. I hope you realise my motivation and purpose of the talk. It was definately not easy for me to bring it out straight. Ya but I hope you all will fight back and really get things going. Before its too late. Sorry for being too direct on certain points but lets learn together and move forward. Thanks dudes. P.S Bball was fun.

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GFC in action

hi ppl,

Great to hear that GfC will be playing another match this week..However,the team will have to do it,like the previous game against the council,without a Manager..this is for a simple reason being..the date the match is fixed on..which in the 11th of deepavali..and i'll be rooted right here,at home..but don't worry la..have seen you guys play before and coming up with a game plan and a fine tuned squad won't be much of a problem..i'll try my best to cook up smthg and inform you guys the night before..for the rest of those watching and cheering on..your presence is really necessary and required and also a soccer game,the atmosphere which can have an encouraging effect on the playing team,is provided none other than the fans/supporters go down and pledge your support to that good ol` bunch,GFC.


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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Hey people, its muah deon. Anyway, just wanna say somethings. Time for me to be direct again, paiseh its in my blood. For me band practice has been becoming more and more sian by every session. I dont know but I'm getting more and more restless. I think the music we are making is really insufficient. I dont feel it. Its so dead. Its like, when you sit there with a heavy instrument [i like it though] and you play notes, even if you vibrato here and there, rubato here and there and try to make it sound better, it doesnt help. And every time i do it, it doesnt help. The more I do it and it doesnt work the more helpless it all seems. What I'm enjoying in band now is mainly sports for life and the lame shit we crack up but the music is really kinda crappy. What are the quality players doing man? In the band, if one person doesnt play that good it will influence the other players. But then again it can be reversed. Sadly the evil side is easier to turn to and turn out. If you people really consider yourselves as quality players then what are you doing. As for the rest, really you have to practice and be better. You must think, "how can I improve myself". "Am I happy being just this, Am I happy just not to tap on my potential or whatever is left of it?". This is an all time low for me in the band. I've been keeping this deep inside of me for very long not wanting to bring it out, hoping that the situation might change, but it hasnt, and now everytime I sit there for band prac, its just so darn boring that I have to resort to adlibbing and talking to other people to entertain myself. In my four years of band playing, I have never played in a band with so little enthusasim. Whats your purpose in band, are we wasting 4 hours everday in band , looking at our watches hoping that it will end? Thats how I feel. Tomorrow is band practice and I dread it. The truth is we are not good enough and no one is doing anything. We are all talk and nothing. I'm guilty of it too. I admit I havent been practicing enough. The SAS people and SPS people, what is going on, take the initiative, its true that you are not the only group of people in the band, but majority of you are the core group. In fact all of you, you have the power. 1st three months people, what did we say and dream of? Is it too far? HONESTLY, IM NOT HAPPY IN BAND. and the feeling sucks. the happiest i've been in sajc was the happiest i've been in music making for these years. it was when i just entered and realised alot of things i once was ignorant about. Mr glosz was a huge reason why i entered after that and stuff. He was the most interesting and unexpecting teacher I've met so far. But he was not the only one. People i disliked and wanted to prove something to them made me stay. The thought that i still had a chance to join percussion section made me stay. The fact that the band people were the special bunch in any sch made me stay. The fact that i love alot of people in the band made me stay. The fact that you people accept me for doing wad i like and accept me for my eccentric behaviour made me stay. The FACT THAT WE CAN MAKE IT BIG made me stay. Honestly, its not just the music that made me stay. BUT WHAT IS A BAND WITHOUT MUSIC? Wake up! In secondary school I controlled my band with an iron fist and most things turned out rite, but here we cant do that and i hate forcing people, however i still duno how to help. I feel so helpless as we waste each day away and away. Its never gonna come back. Everytime i feeel happy its covered up by the fact that this issue bugs me. Its just so god damn sad to see the expectations being piled on us are not met and that we are not doing anything about it. So what if we have the biggest cca room have the cleanest cca room have the most rarra bunch of people. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS CCA? MUSIC? Is this cca important to you? I duno. But it is, everyone has sacrificed something to be here, be it time or studies. DONT THROW IT ALL AWAY. The fact is the solution is staring straight back at us but we are not doing anything. We are not doing anything. Take the solution. It belongs to us. The band belongs to us. Are we gonna sit there and cry and moan about how lousy we are about what losers we are about what big mouths we can be?! I HATE THAT. PICK YOURSELVES UP NOW! Do it now, pick yourselves up, stare at the competition straight at the face and just listen and do what you are told. SALA JIE MAY. We need you people to do something. NOTHING IS ALRITE and im sure you know that. Come on people I really dont know how to put it. We have to do something. WE. WE. WE. Its us. Its you me and everyone. Lets do something, please. Love me or hate me. We suck. Thats how direct I'm gonna be. But its not too late yet. Its not the end yet. Its never too late. Look at me and tell me its not too late. Wheres the fight in sajc band. RJC may mock us now. But I'm gonna shove it in their face and tell them. We are not done yet. We have a statement to make. LETS PICK OURSELVES UP AND FIGHT BACK. NOW.

Deon Toh Keng Yong. Sajc Band Member.

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new template

changed the template for our blog!
thought it might be good for a little change.

if you wanna make any alterations.. go ahead.

if you think its ugly and want the old one back,
tell me and i will put the old one back! haha

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Match 2: GILMAN F.C vs mjc class
Venue: TPJC School Field
Date: Thursday, 11 Nov.
Time: 1530 Kick-oFF
Others: Rolling Subs, 2 halfs, Look out for the suave looking No. 7 of Gilman F.C.
Refree: Unknown. [Eh help me find leh]
Teams: Saint Andrew's Junior College Concert Band's Gilman Futbol Club
Meridian Junior College ...e r... some class la.
Gilman F.C Line up:
-First 11: Uncle "Hair" Creme Jie[Chair] GK, Terence DR, Sha-un! DL, Marcus "Michelin" Fong DC, Uncle Jason DC, Addison "Motherly" Chee[sy] DMC, Deon "Handsomely Absoutely Muscularly Talentedly Fastly Creatively Smartly Shuaily Truly Yours" Toes MR [Haha XP Yeah you get the drift woohoo!], Liang [Plue] Shi ML, Yaofeng "Yellow Thambi" Wong FL, The Red One FR, Loke Kok Hole SC.
-Bench Warmers: Andre, Salahuddin Haque, Stuart "Ah Phui" Lee, TieMoTie, Mel [Music starts playing... hob.].
-Manager: R S "Godpa" Kumz
-Cheerleaders IC: Huimin, Huishan
-Powerpuff girls: Endrew, OO La, Wing Woman [ A Levels not coming. Definately NOT]
*All are welcome to be towel or water bois'gers. Or medic [To qualify, bring 100plus.]

MJC class Line up: Unknown. Really.

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ello olle lloe loel oell ELLO

hahaha as usaul ur lame MOtherly MO is here hahaha well just survived a fantastic dinner...absolutely worth waiting for man...ha it started off with my daughter and aloo deon and me at mac at wisma haha we decided to go chomp chomp to have DINNER!! but wana rest first so we all went home and called more ppl and then met at serangoon at 8.30pm!!!

we ordered lots of food...cos there was marcus deon me aloo huimin and joyce haha but it was damn cheap la...then the uncle which served us sting ray was like so funny...we were just sitting infront of his stall...then the uncle further down looked quite pissed hahah sooo deon and i decided to be the Gd cool dudes as usual and we went to buy another plate of sting ray from him lol....

wooooow here's the damn power part....we went to this damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn cool cafe which look like a bar...(hmmm must be inspired by the cool dudes :P) well we went in la then Goodness its like so cosy and all then there was this area with purple cloth covering the huimin went bonkers lo haha too bad aloo din get to sit in the blue lit table tops...but she got a changed of her ice-cream course the boss thought tt the ice cream was too flaky or something...wah damn cool la everything was nice man the place,ice-cream, ppl, and of course us place to chill out man....and i wanted to ask how much they pay an hour....wana work there man...

well it was a really nice night spent with them...i think they enjoyed themselves too right!? ha well must think of a new name for me le...gona be uncle liao should change my MOtherly MO liao...MOcle MOtherly MO?? hmmmmm

ur MOtherly MO :)

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

KUMZ is the NEW addition to my group of BOYFRIENDS!!!!

yes... read the heading please. kumz is the new member into the family of YINGWEN'S BOYFRIEND CLUB!!!! (YBC for short) and... my YBC includes pple like kokie, addi, yaoyao, deon, marquee, jie, black-marn, reddie, andre, salahuddin, eh still got who huh? sorry... too many. yingwen cannot remember. but lots of the band guys ARE my boyfriends. sorry peeps, U HAD NO CHOICE AT ALL!!!!!! for those who're attached, i'm sorry. but ur girlfriends will understand becoz i'm YINGWEN THE GREAT!!!!!!

kumz being the new addition shall be my 1st indian boyfriend!!!!! ahahahaha!!!! this shows that i'm MULTI-RACIAL and i'm definitely not racist. hohoho. dun u guys say that my kumz is fat! watch out okie!!! i'll kick u upside down, inside out, rightside left until ur mama (tat's me too) cannot recognise u at all. warned u guys already!!!!

anyway, yingwen here didnt go town to slack on fri okie!!!! i went there to pass huini her alevel certificate only!!!!!!! met so many pple on the way. all shouting at me... " yingwen, why are u here? go and study!!!!" across the road somemore. lucky i shouted back!!!! erm... thanx to aloo & joey fung for their precious advice on the ROAD!!!!! ahahahaha... anyway, met amy too. she said ms k was in front. so i walked faster to my bus stop and SHIT! i saw her. lucky she never see me. if not i wouldnt make it here to blog already. thanx god.

okie... so i did study. ABIT. yes... i admit it was just ABIT. but still... beta den nothing yea? my GP wasnt bad. actually tot it wasnt difficult at all. not easy either. but just alrite. how come when i read other pple's bloggies, they mentioned tat it was DIFFICULT??? or is it just me??? gosh... i'm aiming for a B at least. now i duno if i can even pass. why is it that when i think a paper is alrite, pple will say it's difficult? something to ponder...

my dearest darlings... boys and gals... how was AO??? easy? chickenfeet? confirm ACE with my moral support rite? i knew it. yingwen will continue praying for herself. praying for a miracle. yingwen... yingwen... she's dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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that was from Kumz

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ESPN/STARSPORTS everyday,everhour

hi ppl

hah..joey,i was just abt to make a posting..when i saw yours pop in..i was also wondering why there weren't any postings recently since im so free and i get to check the blog i shall try to turn things ard with adding my one from my the heading says..all i do whole day is watch soccer the whole day..mainly, because i can't play soccer since my leg is like this i think..right now i am watching soccer as well...i watch english premier league,Italian league,Spanish league and Champions` be honest,i have never watching this much soccer in my life..guess i can learn new stuff and pass my experience to Gilman FC..haha...apart from that..discovery Channel is still another favourite of mine..well i need to pass time wad rite? you people are having fun during practice and are trying hard for all the stuff thrown at you all..continue to strive and you will surely see a pot of GOLd at the end..omg..i'm starting to brag like everyone who makes a post here...but i just think its important that there's continual encouragment and support...u people might think that i would have become fat by now..sitting and lying down all day long..however,i've cut down my food to im NOT FAT..heard that the set peace you all tried today was okay..hope u all get gd at in no time..and we'll soon get a choice piece thrown at us..okay ppl..back to tv.

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hahaa.. jUz wondering why suddenLy nobody's bLogging here anym0re?!?! cHinese papeR oveR aLr wat.. hmm... aNyr0ad, I shaLL tHerefore do e honour.. hehehx.. aiyah.. feeLing quite "fRee" la.. tt'z why..
yEpx.. we watchEd shaRk taLe today~~~ 1st r0w.. & m0st of us sat on e fl00r!! ahahax.. of c0z it excluded me.. bUt it was a daMn L0L scene!!! xp
okiE.. i mUst confess tHat initiaLLy i didnt wanna watCh shaRk tale.. c0z i kept feeLing that it was some "piRated" finding nem0... yEt, after watChing it n0w, i mUst say tHat it's n0t bad at aLL~~ ;) hahaax... k.. tt'z enUff cRap n0w.. tiRed alrEady...
t0 any J2s , if u d0 see this.. wat aRe y0u doing heRe??!!! Sh00!! g0 stUdy!! heex~ w0Rk haRd! gAmbaTTE~!!!! ;)

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

good luck!!~

hey peeps~
just wanna take this time (while you're all happily studying...i hope) to wish you all the best for the MT paper!
also..must stress that im really honoured to be part of SAJCBand and proud to have you all as my brudders and sistahs (including huimin ;) so far we have exceeded all the expectations others have placed on us..but not those that we have placed on ourselves. i really do hope that we will continue to do our best in everything no matter what is thrown at us, and even if we do fall sometimes, we'll find the strength to pull ourselves to greater heights once again.
okay enough of the sappy stuff.

keeping all you you in thought and prayer
e blarck marn

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yokes here... just wanna say how proud i am of u guys. really very united and lively n super vibrant batch haha heard ur rehearsal for open house n gotta say that u guys are really working hard =) i see the effort and the sweat, the paints.. haha... well done! i'm really looking forward to hearing u guys this sat and i'm sure the sense of satisfaction of seeing the open house a success would be definitely very rewarding. eh, i want e souveniors okie... keep one for meeeeeeeee....make me miss band larh... i'm supposed to be studying hard now leh. continue to be encouraging to one another okie?

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Last entry got deleted so...

Heylo ppl,
Hows op going on? I finished mine so nows the GPF and chinese AO. guess everyones not in the holiday mood yet though it already started... mine you its the last hols before your A levels so go and play your heart and head out. Anyway since my last bloggie got deleted .... Im kinda lazy to blog now so just in point forms...

1)Kumz get well soon la.. and the 2 holes were absoutely disgusting.. i cant stop imagining it..
2)Marcus now that you are promoted [which i guessed long ago] haha.. study hard and i will support any of your decisions...
3)People i just kena the flu virus [or maybe it was from last time] so make sure you take your vit c.
4)Form a Sajcband GB clan!
5) Prepare for Peh Bock Kiats Birthday! his a nice man la..
6)Support Mr. Glosz coz i think he seriously needs our support now.. .
7)Arent we supposed to have some outing or something..!?
8)Sunday church, waterpolo, chinese orchestra and some MJC classes are challenging Gilman FC. Tsk.
9)J2s go study can.
10)sports for life this sat. and dun PS. please haha.

Nothing much left la. Just good luck ppl. Enjoy life. Tis the season to be jolly or wadeverla.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

no cash, no cards, no queues.

good luck to all the j2s!!
can't imagine the stress you guys are facing lar.
i mean promos was bad already to me..
so scary!
its gonna be over soon so jia you!!

went to watch the brass band with the brass people on saturday.
guess what.
ok thats an understatement.
they sounded fantastic lar!!
saw quite a few brass instruments that i never knew existed.
oh gosh.
so inspiring. lol.

wanted to upload the stupid videos we took in burger king on saturday
but i don't know how.
anyone has any idea?

aloo. 0_0

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sorry forgot to sign out

yup the last post was from LaSalalaSalaLaSalalalalaSasaLa.

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Lets do some stuff

Hey growing kids, Let's have a horror movie marathon! Can watch like the eye,ring,ju-on,doll master and all. Those of ya out there, who are afraid to watch, dun worry... we watch in a big group and laugh @ the ghosts. so dont worry ok Marquee? ok Eh anyways, this coming sat watch SHARK TALE pls pls pls. It looks like one heck of a very farnie show... and the soundtrack. power!! very upbeat. Oh ya and i think they mentioned BlackMarn in the show! hahaha. Those who watch , watch again lo,...
we can all laugh our hearts out together!!
anyways, last sat prac, we could finally hear the begining of a fantastic Whatsoever things after Jie neaten up sum stuff...looking forward ...anyways now we need to look for Kiddy music such as "Shrek Dance party" which can be borrowed From SRJC, " Doraemon" from Css, er yah..u all try to find lar...looking forward to the crazy gimmicks we're gonna do for the kids.
Anyways, i think music by bond is damn~ nice I just downloaded from Kazaa lite. Ah toh recommended. Its damn power!!
ok tata peepz,
Ciaoz...Im goin down to St Pats to collect the set piece,,maybe we'll try it out on Sat which is the next band prac. GOOD LUCK FOR PW AND A LEVS MOTHERTONGUE!

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die die die die

arhx....soooo long nvr blog liao~ but i dud think it MATTERS! coz the rest of u guys are blogging as well thts good manz! but firstly...let mi first say a few things!!!
1) kumar get well soon okie! u can play soccer 6/7 months later. but now u mus recover and get well soon~ the band,klass,gilman f.c and gilman brass band needs u!
2)enru get well soon! ur throat...dud shout so much and eat more strepsils and ...erm.......dud be so ti kee go eat wadever u like!

okie enuff of the wadever matchmaking services later the blark blark manz starts to scold mi~ pw realli sucks manz! although i happen to like my pw grp except for onli a person~ and i believe many will know whu! lucky tml's pw meeting she's nt going! hhahaa thank god ! oh god bless mi!!! thankew!!!
today was a jus a average sunday~ lolx.....dud know why but i wanna slp now...sooo slpy...maybe its 2am now hahaha!!! nuting exciting happen today~ and i dud realli hope of anything exciting!but i am watching this damn funnie ghostbusting chinese movie...make mi luff like sheeet!!!....lolx! cannot stand it anymore~~~ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
~ lolx~ gunbound then soccer then gunbound haaa.....deon played today manz...and i killed him twice... and i realli think tht he wanna kick my ass arhx~ :P (toh, u can kick my ().() anytime~ i'll be waiting) aloo and stuart also played sooooo exciting!!! and then i taught kuma how to play too! i think soon we will hav a gb clan of sajc. ok enuff of all tht!!!

guys~ as kokz said wadsoeva things is hard. but we mus still carry on...soon we will kill the piece....dud worry guys hard work will certainly pay off! dud giv up. no matter wad eva solo(s) or high notes. we as a band mus be in one heart one voice one body. and with tht nothing can stop us we are the mighty SAJCBAND! when there's a will, there will be a way! impossible is nothing! so guys, now is the time where u people can brush up. rmber to prac technicals okie!!! its important too! but the most important is tht u love ur instrument. u wan to conquer it! DON'T U PEOPLE EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER AND I REALLI MEAN EVER EVER GIV UP!. let the passion burn within u! and sajc band realli rawks. lets keep it this way

and sumnthing tht realli made mi sad....huang na died....
the ger whu got kidnapped~ she's dead~.... f&* the b!@&$^% tht killed her...why mus this world be filled wif ass*$&# like this....
i realli hope he die young!!!! DIE YOUNG U MURDERER!!!!....and i hope tht devil will burn ur &#*^ alive manz!!! and i hope ur soul burns as u see wad other sins u hav committed!!! u !@#$%^& go to hELl and meet ur dearest fren man!!! u punky piece of sheet!!! i hate this kind of pple! go to hell~ ... (i'm realli sorrie pple whu read this~ but im realli feelin very sad coz some foreign ger whu came to singapore got kidnapped and killed!!!) sorrie pple!

i'm going to kumz hse tml to do pw ..!!! yeay!!! thts the bright thing! okie guys!!! take care hols dud fall sick and cannot celebrate.! and lastly i love my wynne!


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