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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

ovation for j1s (:

hello hello this is farah(:

i wanted to thank the j1s for a great band dinner,
especially to the creative directors adilah and grace,
and to my lovely horn section juniors!

you guys must be exhausted from all the meetings
rushing here and there for deco, doorgifts, music, games yadayada
amidst the tide of schoolwork, assignments and such.
everything's really so appreciated!
i loved the choice of music especially artic monkeys, panic at the disco and ok go,
the dance from the 3 dancing queens. (super cute!)
and the concept of the mugger kit!
okay, here are some photos!

now that there's a sense of closure to my stay in sajc band,
i really want to encourage my batchmates to study really hard
cos we'll be out of sajc in 2 months!

to the j1s,
the stress will pass,
promos will pass,
late night syf practices will pass,
band dinner will pass,
and you'll be out so soon before you know it!

study consistently so you wont panic in j2
and strive to make nothing less than excellent music.


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Thursday, August 14, 2008

NTU Symphonic Band is holding their annual concert on 24th Aug,5pm,VCH

El Camino Real
Variations from the Northern Sea
Heaven's Light
Indiana Jones

tickets are priced at $12. For orders above 10, tickets will be sold at a discounted rate of $10 each.

Pls lend them your support!! :)

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

After a looonnnnng hiatus, retarded horn pics are back! I know you want em =)

More to come soon! I know you cant wait. =P

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To my dearest batchmates

Hey everyone! This is the ever popular Pastor Tan here. :D

The band dinner held on the 8th of August 2008 at M Hotel was probably the last official band event that we'd ever take part in and yes, it was really a memorable and even emotional night for us. Kudos to the JC1s for making it all happen.

Anyway I'd like to take a moment to reiterate and add to what Mr Glosz spoke about towards the end of the dinner. Our 2 years in this band has really been about the nurturing and building of friendships (and relationships for some) through our common passion for music. Throughout this time, we've gone through thick and thin together and the success that we've had is testament to the bonds and teamwork present in our batch. I will miss those times.

During band dinner, the gifts that were exchanged, pictures that were taken and dedications that were made reflected how much each of us are going to miss and cherish this band. Leaving will be tough.

I'd like to thank those who put in the effort to prepare a momento for me to encapsulate my memories. I do appreciate it a lot and must apologise for failing to do something similar for you guys; never really been good at such things. However, there is another reason why I did not prepare anything. It wasn't because, being a freeloader, I was trying to be some kind of stingy bastard :P, but simply because I rather not treat this as goodbye. 

Having gone through so much together, let us continue to keep in touch and even have regular batch meetings for many years to come. It would be too great a waste if we didn't. The bonds that we have forged deserve to live past its superficial 2 year shelf life and it is my sincere hope that together, we can make this last.

Treasuring the friendships,


We were strangers, starting out on a journey 
Never dreaming, what we'd have to go through 
Now here we are, and I'm suddenly standing 
At the beginning with you

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Band dinner at M Hotel, reception at 1800
Please be early :D

Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (just walk down it's very very near)

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Monday, August 04, 2008

hey jc2s!!
don't you all just miss late night practices and eating at t^3 (:

Study hard for prelims!


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Saturday, August 02, 2008

to the J1s

hey people, well i'm here to blog a little on open house today. :) well i must say that i was quite impress with the sound of the band today, it was much more blended and sa-like. haha especially since you guys were up early to prepare for open house and performing even though you guys had FW the night before and a whole week of practicing! so give yourself a pat on the back yo, for perservering with open house. though i didnt get to stay for the second performance, i can feel that it was going to be much much better from the run through before it. i hope you guys see today as a learning point, and really push for musical excellence. you bunch surely have that in you all you need to do is just realise it, go for it and have the attitude of always wanting to improve! you already showed it today during the rehearsal before the second performance. i hope this serves as an encouragement for you guys to carry on the journey ahead and succeed! so see you people at band dinner on friday! :)


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