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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Its the start of BTS!!!
Hope everyones prepared =)
Good luck to all, J1s and J2s!
** **
* *
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* * *

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

more from the beach of fake sand and strategic rocks!

i'm glad to say everyone from the horn section should be regaining
about 95% of movement by now.
and if so, we should be shedding skin
like a snake/a post-bali nicole oh.

i look like i have some sort of skin disease
with pink and black patches, plus tan lines!
james claims he has an indonesian flag.
i asked why,
and he says because there's all sorts of random shapes and sizes
(that doesn't make much sense)

okay so here's more photos anyway
it's pretty much hilarious stuff.

so first,
it's sunblock tutorials from jeremy,
our section leader.
pray pay close attention.

first, apply JUST A TINY TEENY BIT OF sunblock
slightly below your right nostril,
where the incidence angle of the sun will heat that
relatively 2cm-long patch the most.

plus sunblock is really expensive you know,
even though it's farah's sunblock and it's free,
jeremy disapproves in free-riding these days.

oh and also,
don't bother to spread it,
or put a little more anywhere else.
just leave a clump of it at that precise spot.
alright you're ready to tan!


well apparently..
yi ling disagrees.
she pursues the concept of "the more, the better"
apply as such
and you're off to go!


farah on the other hand,
belives in the traditional waikikomsijong sandbath,
for her fear of water means she'd much rather cover herself in sand,
while everyone takes a dip.


she might want to review her methods.


i think james and aaron doesn't really give a shit about everyone else. hahahaha.

okay and now,
min er believes
that we should keep our body parts active while we tan
because active molecules stimulation will accelerate

it's really simple!
just lift your hands,
give a number 3 on the left and number 2 on the right.

apart from achieving better blood flow,
the combination of 3 and 2,
is also really good fengshui for block tests.


we do put aside our differences,
for we, the mighty horn section,
is embodied in

one identity,
one being,
one colour.
as such:




thank you O mighty banana boat golden tanning blend.


with much love,

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


LONG AWAITED POST! I shall post some of the perth photos, i didn't take many cuz it kept going low batt and i forgot to bring my charger to Albany! So, enjoy the little i have : D

Day 1: BEFORE LEAVING, We were camwhoring in the band room (: EGGGCITED!

Batch 08/09!

Up: Jinger, Jiaying, Siying, Euginia, Sheldon, Mark, Ivan
Down: Eunice, Eve, Yiling, Belinda, Joel


Roommates unite!

Batch at the Airport before departure.

Day2: Arrival!
This is the hotel we lived in (: METRO hotel. Its pretty small but contained all our memories (:

The shell station many of us often visited at late nights to stock up our junk food! Some of us would wear our Pyjamas out and it was reallllly freezing.

PERTH CITY! View from King's Park.

Men of cornet!


The Park was humongous. Very pretty place.

This is London's Court In Perth City (:

1st dinner at Metro Hotel.

Day 3: We went to sweetlips (Fish N Chips) for Lunch, caught the WAYO (Western Australia Youth Orchestra) Concert.
Joel and Joseph, tired faces.
this is Belindaporn. hahahaha.

Men of cornet again!

A limo we saw after Dinner, before we caught the Concert.

Day 4: LOVELY SUNDAY! performance at Whiteman Park (: Wildlife park and Art Gallery. We couldn't take photos at the gallery so... but it was a great place.

Right after the performance. It wasn't very good but we improved alot throughout the days!

After performance we had bbq (: First bbq in our lives we did not perspire. Thank you teachers!

the girls and Mr. Lewin (:

he loved ivan !

Visit to Margaret River Chocolate factory!

Outside the Nougat Factory.
At the wildlife park...

A Live farmshow we had.

Day 5 : We visited the Orchard : D
This is paul, our coach driver. HE IS AWESOME. we missed him like hell!

Roommates of Room21!
They look too delicious we wanna pick some home.

Horns + Cornets
After the orchard we went to fremantle market. Its like Bugis Street but of course cooler, and A LITTLE less squeezier. But bcos we went on a public holiday so it was quite packed. We had lunch at free expense. We went to their arcade too, HAHA. Even Australia have bengs and lians hanging out at arcades.
we bought some gummies and sweets at a candy shop (:
Day 6: We travelled from Perth to Albany.
we stopped at the Gap.

Day 7
this is when paul dropped us at some ulu place and we had some photo taking session.

Day 8 : We stayed in Albany from day 6 to 8.
THIS IS THE KARMA LODGE WE STAYED IN. (: Double storey chalet. Mine's Serenity. We have serenity, tranquility, destiny, kismet, harmony and a few more which i can't rmb.
the morning (:
So Day 9 we went to macadamia nut factory, and, shopping at Harbourtown. I only took a photo of ONE macadamia tree cos batt was running low. And Day 10, we had last minute shopping in perth city. And flew back to Singapore.
I MUST SAY this trip has been a great experience together with my batch. Musically, we improved alot and we learned alot too. I mean, from the WAYO and the WASO concerts, i learnt alot. Not practically but in a sense, i learnt to enjoy music more than before. And i learnt to appreciate the Art of it too.
As a batch, i believed we have many unforgettable memories carried with us. thank you to the teachers who followed us and took care of us.
let's forget the bad and only remember the good.

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