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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


ahaha. we are best at taking crazy videos man. well, here are some, featuring our very pamela kenneth and poon shi!!!

spooky videos. our speciality. =D

after kenneth's chase after chase after chase for band fund, pam finally lost it..

Poon's Trilogy

Part I

Poon picked up his clarinet and wanted to play something. To his surprisement, his notes came out all wrong!

Part II

Unable to stand his atrocious playing, pam once again lost it, and couldnt control her language.

Part III

Never one to give up easily, poon tried one last time. Finally, with the help of Hello Panda and some inspiration from pam, he finally did it.

he played notes.

AHAHA. more coming up.
i guess?? aha.



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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

soccer pic!

ahaha. abit long overdue, but anyway, here are the photos taken on soccer match day. =)
any sc ppl passing here who wants a original copy, pls get to me through ur band frens. ahaha. yups yups. thanks. =)

SAJCCB J1'2006 soccer team!

getting pumped up for round 2

mok with the ball...

woman of the match against jeremy!

hafiz preparing to score....

council preparing to strike..

mok, with deborah standing by..

kenneth preparing to kick..

aiyo whose unglam butt is that... -.-"

man down!

(nah he's only resting after the match la. but he did injured his feet though. we love u for everything u did for us kenny!!)

we're not the only one with casualty though. =x

(gomes shirt guy on left of kenneth)


great match everyone!!!


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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well done J1S!!! :)

haha so proud of the J1s:):):)...the scoreline may be 3-3 but the effort put in is really *applause!!!!!!!!!!!!*
it really wow me how u guys get hit with muscle cramps and all but not long after u've recovered, i see u on the field again... :):) determined and strong ppl *clap clap clap clap*

another thing that struck me was also how all of u just kept it all together, no one flare up or anything despite the mistakes and all, no pointing of fingers and all. you ppl jus kept it all going... *clap clap clap clap clap*

eventhough there were times when some of the decisions were obviously not what u deserve but u all jus gave way and kept on playing... once again *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*

and u guys really drank alot of water...hahaha so many empty bottles la...aiyo...hahaha

but overall, *applause!!!!!*
to the very hyper supportors/physios hahaha *applause!!!!!* too...yupyup


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Monday, August 21, 2006

sav band music + soccer

first of all. thanks to yisiong for that wonderful poem! haha.. 100 percentile for lit is not for show only.

with regards to the sav band music, the files are all located to the sent items now. u can go there and click dl or forward to ur email. yep. however, big files like FV and Sacred suite are taken down by the yousendit website. so whoever that wants it, add me at to get from me k. thanks.

2ndly, band soccer against SC is tml! yep. the venue is changed to somewhere at farrer park now. please take note.the match will proceed on at 5 and will end at arnd 7. so, come down and support the J1s guys and woman alright? haha. we will make the overall result to be sajcband 2 - sc 1. YEA!

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

An ode to SAJC Band

Well, after racking my brains for 3 days I've managed to come up with a poem of sorts as John asked for. It's not perfect, I know, and if anyone else would like to write a different one(Lit students especially) then by all means, go ahead. But if you like it, say so, and I won't feel so bad when John puts this into the Time Capsule.


band practice starts now
here in the band room this morning;
hurry up and assemble the chairs
the conductor's waiting

we get tuning done much faster
though we love to chat with our friends;
but the music has to go on no matter what
and we know when our passion ends

is where you crescendo, and
tongue, maybe accent too, it's all one;
heed those words and listen up unless you
never want to hear the words "well done"

cares that our practices are long
it's true that our pain is our pleasure;
maybe squabbles, back-stabbing and bitching too
'cause times of trouble take our measure

look ahead to brighter days
each day has its own ups and downs;
we are in this together for better or worse
so live life to its fullest, it's just begun

Sui Yi Siong
19th Aug 2006

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

SAV Band Music

Dear boys and girls, children of all ages,
the pieces for the aug 6th concert, One Family One Flag has been cut and all the pieces are available for every Saints! they are uploaded onto this gmail account called the password is our universal band blog password, so if you do not know the password, please ask ur peers or you can contact me. pieces bigger than 10MB are stored in the inbox, whereas pieces of smaller sizes are stored in the draft. however, do take note that the pieces in inbox will be removed after 7 days due to the stupid rule. so.. if you all can think of anything better just tell me ok. please spread this message around to the SAJS SAS and SAB members too.

Lastly, the J1s of year 2006 will be playing against the student council on the 22nd of august, tuesday from 5 to 7 pm at whitley secondary school. i guess is the new campus. so. make your way down and support us, shout your guts out and cheer for us. we are so gonna thrash them!! haha. so. shall see all of you there!

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


calling members of all GFC.......pls get ready for a showdown with the J1s of 2006 at yio chu kang primary...yea its a primary schl field k! ha
doesn't matter if you know how to get there or not, just meet at sengkang mrt station at the 7-11 area 4pm...oh yea have not mention when is the match...its this saturday k..12th aug...yea.........
pls don be late...if you are pls contact kok hoe or me or anyone u think will be there before u...hmmmm pls spread the msg to other GFC members too...just in case ppl stop coming to the band blog...erm what else....hmmm yea bring ur black jerseys pls...n erm....this time brings boots enough le...don need street soccer shoes, we wont be playing bare foot yao feng! hahaha
alright i think that's all...anything...msg me...addi

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

ive ended my journey.

i must really say that what my seniors had told me bout band life here aint easy is really true and i now shall tell it on to the juniors. you'll defn come across obstacles that ARE impossible and stuff but we'll find a way thru. we defn will. you'll meet people whom you think are the bestest or the most fucked up. but are your thoughts right?? even if they are, they should be shoved right at the back of your minds! sajcband is FAMILY.

id never felt the "family" in sajcband until the very last night. a lil late it may be but at least i got the feeling.i suddenly see all the efforts and pain, joy come flooding back to memory. from saints e festiva, to the many performances, band camps and concerts. to me, i teareed. not cause im leaving but i thought i didnt achieve anything here in sajc.

throughout my presently, 6 years of band life, i'd only achieve one thing. and thats teaching 3 wonderful juniors of mine in sasmb in to GODDABEEESS!!!
. giving them all that i can. other than that? hurhurhur. NOTHIHG. well... until the farewell ceremony done by the j1s. (to deborah, i think my batch did it better! hahaha). i spoke a lil and i don think it made much sense. so it is again with more sense. my batch was the batch with the potential.but nothing much came out of the POTENTIAL. my section, weak it sure was.all the trouble of tonality and all. gosh! my section mates! all the obstacles we had gone thru! we started as a section of 6. now when its ime for us to step down, we're down to 3. sigh. we sure had a rough time. im not sume sorta PANSY alright. but i cried... i cried real bad many times!

on the very night after i spoke, we all split in to our sections for a lil talk and all. one by one. (thank you) they all opened up to me. it was only then that i knew all my efforts didnt go to waste and i actually did achieve something here in sajcband. the feeling was really sweet.i thought i had failed being SL and all but if i had actually changed some of my section mates' lives for the better, i hadnt failed, not one bit!

all in all. i hope you all understand the shit id written on top. sajcband is a band not only looking for musical excellence but FAMILY. to the J1s, enjoy your life here. im sure you'll miss it, ask the j3s and they will tell you the same thing! continue the legacy of sajcband and be part of it!

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

this is van. lynette. marie n stupid joel here!!!!
we r here in the esplanade artist lounge..
wating n waiting for our turn to go on stage..
itz 3 more hours before our concert starts..
so scary!! says marie..
so exciting! says van..
heh.. haha.. so .. so nervous.. says lynette..
letz see wad stupid joel has to say..
well.. he says.." OOi. ok lo .. wadeva.. all the best!~ yey!~! "
zakiah is here too..
zakiah:' she says she got nothing to say.. " too bad...
*giggles.. *.
poon n stupid joel are writing brandon's card now..
poon shi is dumb.. he dunno how to spell.. S-P-E-L-I-N.. ya.. he missed out the L and the G
from this .. we can conclude./ clarinet section ppl.. r rather dumb..
eupho rocks!! lyke totally!!!!
not only are we smart.. we are pretty. .. pretty,, pretty,, pretty,, capable.. cute.. adorable.. not bimbotic.. intellectual.. poon shi is irritating.. we r goin to kill him..
poon:" eh eh !! dun kill me dun kill me!"

all the best to our wonderful concert.. yeah~
ok.. clarinets rocks..
but.. eupho ROCKS!~
see the diff?
the end!!
have a great dae..

6th august 2006.. time: 4.37pm

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

xiuli wants to thank all bandies for their love =)

but no. i am not okay. please try and understand that.

thank you especially yiting maddy janice jojo red nic mal lilian bel marie pam mindy mok kenneth koi surong zakiah dorcas colin xiaowei ben and ansley.

and kok, dont worry. i'm not angry with you..

yep. thanks again =)
i'm really hoping and wishing and praying that it comes back soon....

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