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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Sunday, October 31, 2004


hmmm lets all pray tt Gods mercy would cover Mrs Lim's eyes and that she'll show mercy on all our band members who have to meet her course of results, that she'll give them another chance....


ur MOtherly MO

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lesson to be learnt

hey boys and girls.

its kokz here to cock u all up again... haha... i jus wanna say... WE MUST CONQUER WHATSOEVER THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i must admit it's hard... my notes are so damn bloody high la... and high notes almost filled up my whole 4 pages of music... kaoz... my lips are so damn swollen after sat pract.

However, the thing here is not to be belittled by the toughness of the piece and the high notes. i wan to improve. i wan to complete the piece. i wan to hear SAJCBAND play this piece well.

i hope everyone in the band will have e DUN GIVE UP ATTITUDE. so wat if the piece is hard... it doesnt mean tt we cant do it. i wanna scold my joey! my dear ah! dun be scared to play solos... like me... the copacobana solo i played was my first ever solo played in my band life... and in e end, mr glosz jus burst in laughter commenting on my weird tone... rmb? ya... i can tk it...but can e rest? u all must rmb... i dun appreciate GIVE UP attitude... i wan to see u guys try k... no matter how hard it is... we must try... u will nv know how much u can succeed in life...

when there's a will, there's a way.


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rainy season's here again

hallo guys, just kinda realised tat i havent been bloggin here since my deon ah-boy's birthday! and since today is the last day of oct, might as well blog an entry. kekeke.

hmm... 04 nov is my GP paper!!! meaning alevels' starting in a few days' time. i'm so-not prepared. *sigh* as in i studied but i just know tat i'm still not prepared. i am so super slack!!!!!!

how was band pract? fun or not??? how's glosz? havent seen him for a super long time. hahaha... kinda miss him conducting la. yea... i'm not mad! seriously, when u graduate, u'll start missing band, including the conductor. and i really think tat he's a great man. =)

so... how was the match against water-polo freaks??? chickenfeet to u guys??? hmm... all the best for all ur matches yea???

kumz, get well soon!!!! i'll continue toking to u online to entertain u wheneva i can. =) anyway, i can see tat almost everyday ur hse will be filled with my ah-boys to accompany u. hahahaha!!! my ah-boys are so nice!!!!

my powerpuff gals... esp enru, get well soon. dun always fall sick okie??? remember we need to save the world! THE UNIVERSE NEEDS THE POWERPUFF GALS!!!! rite buttercup?

ah-min, remember our shopping trip on the 25 nov!!!!!!!!! go ask all the gals out okie!!!! and those guys who feel like being a bitch for one day can join us too!!!!! kekeke...

okie... serious things. yingwen has been getting migraines whenevashe sees light. sunlight, my desk light, hp light... as long as it's something bright i'll die. including now in front of my computer. why huh??? i wana die...

okie... pple, JC2s ending their alevels soon!!!!!!!! less than one month. happie happie. benji happie? alecia happie? hohoho... cant wait for 24th to come!!!!! shopping trips, jaychou concert, prom dress hunting, etc. so exciting...

enuff of my exciting stuffs!!! pple, enjoy ur 2months holiday!!!! and all the best for ORAL PRESENTATION & MOTHER TONGUE PAPER!!!! an advice from me, during ur OP, dun be playful okie??? my group kena scolding last yr. ask benji, we were innocent souls. just be serious and talk and ans their questions. tat's it. and for ur mama-tongue paper, just go in take the paper confidently!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tat was wat i did. in fact i didnt even study for it. u guys can do it!!!!!!! i can smell lotsa A(s) coming...

i've got my air-ticket already!!!!! *yeay* u guys can ask me out whenever u all want after my alevels den... i'll fly off to my HONGKONG!!!!!! gonna party... rite ahmin??? =)

okie... back to studies now. bye peeps!!!!!!

*hint* tmr is CINDY LAU's birthday!!!! but i doubt she'll see this.

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oooh it been so long since i last blog man... didnt see the picture yingwen posted of deon until now.. haha funny man... guys should jus watch out whenever it's their birthday man. hoohoo it's stuart's next... haha the BLARk MARN haha he should be careful. and i think they need darker markers haha oops. hmmm sajc band rawks man. we shuld continue to work hard guys.!!! all the best for oral presentations and for language papers on fri! wonder what peh is going to say to us on fri man. pray he doesnt spoil out day. DOTS man... :)

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chee is also the beginning for crap

hmmm i'am here in kumz house using kumz laptop lying on kumz bed drinking kumz water watching kumz tv...deon forced me to blog but i donno wat to say la... tooo much to say donno where to start...hahaha ooh its simpsons now!!! yellow freaks lol...ooooooh Man U lost la...damn sad...i think the two cool dudes of the tubes are going on a strike soon!!!! hai....we need a long break to get over this disastrous event....soBsOb ok...marcus gave me a pat on the butt hahah so shall now include 'marcus says hi' haha...ok yf gave me a pat too...but i just REFUSE to include 'yao feng says hi' hahaha hmmm come to think of it i think i just did la...hmmm wanted to say i love may tooo...hmmm but kumz says dont use this blog as some mama service, so SoBSoB lol...hmmm okits time we leave for our match...i know star players can be late la hmmm but not nice la we very sweet to our fans de...haha cya
ur MOtherly MO

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Trick or Treat

DO YOU KNOW...that jack o latern is supposed to be a turnip not a pumpkin? Hahaha. 101 useless facts that you might just wanna know.

Alright. Holidays are meant for studying harder and looking good and better. Yay, the holidays has begun! YUP! Happy happier thoughts!

Yesterday went for some cosy house party and watch horror show. WAH LAOZ! We should never have a horror shows marathon. I can't take it! It was just one show lah. Argh. Anyway it's like this korean show that's like super confusing. I think the main idea is just to be scared. Hahaha. Oh anyway, I've never watched the ring before. Any interested scaredycats wanna join me? Hahaha. We can all be traumatised for a while together.

Okay, off to do project work. TOMORROW'S THE PRESENTATION! dumdeedum.


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Saturday, October 30, 2004

my brain feels foggy!

hey guys, quite long nvr blog le. tt's cos i was shuttling my laptop back and forth or pw and was too lazy to plug it in. haha. anyway, sorry i can't go band prac yesterday and today cos i'm sick, but i'll get better! my fever's aleady gone. muz arrange for another shopping trip ok? sorry to miss this 1. ok, gtg. bye


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SAJC CONCERT BAND : Our little world!

SAJC CONCERT BAND : Our little world!

The thing is TML. Sunday.

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SAJC CONCERT BAND : Our little world!

hey! if any of you guys are feeling bored, drop by at the botanic gardens.. there will be a lot of activities there la. 4pm onwards i think.. its in the papers.

p.s/ speedy recovery kumar!! banned from the soccer pitch.

Cia (.. )

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Friday, October 29, 2004

hi ppl,

I feel so good...afew of the band junkies came over to my place to visit me and had a mouth full...they really made me come out of my sleepiness coz of my anesthetic...i just want to say..i really love u all(0nce again...)..dun worry alrite..just on crutches..but the pain is mild..i'll take care.thanks alot..all those who came over to my place..or didn't do so.


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Dearest Aloo and marcus

Guess what!!
you guys are late again!!! for the 3rd week in the row.

Instead of trying so hard to be early and ending up being late[ie you guys didn't do it on purpose], like every single day,you have decided to just


and submit to your laziness.[ie Aloo]

anyway, since its already the last day of school, you all have decided to celebrate this wonderful occasion earlier than everyone else this year-

By having breakfast at MAC DONALDS!!!

ok. so now, just go.
just go and make your hot cakes and big breakfast order now.
marcus! you're fat! but we're not gonna stop you from having your sumptuous breakfast.

ps: we know you guys actually did try to be present for assembly. we understand...

yours sincerely,
Aloo and marcus.

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dear ppl,

wah...this is the coolest time..its like a few hours before the op already..i haven't eaten nor drank anything since 12 midnight..andre,nvm yr onwards..i can play anywhere on the field la..just got to wait..(6months+)btw,i had a great time yesterday with some of the band members at sakae yesterday..4 beggar or penniless boys/gals went with $1.80,oola with $0.30,my fellow BLARCK MARN and Enru contributing the major share..Taupok and his classmates were sitting behind us and eating the buffet..they kept passing some of the stuff over to us to eat..we had to hide it in the bowl and thanks to my Rambo skills..managed to camo it among the rice grains and chicken pieces..later we realised that the bowl wasnt as big as it looked when we reached the bottom,i felt quite cheated la...then there was the girl with eyes the size of my nostrils..she asked for alot of stuff esp some egg thing despite her negligible contribution...if your still wondering who..its A Loo(this sentence seems to rhyme somehow)..we had quite a gd laugh..its so easy to ammuse ALoo..

A msg to all those who have been retained..its alrite..whateva the reason maybe that caused us to retain..but,take this as a God-given 2nd opportunity...cease it..strive hard..exterminate any feelings of disheartedness...

okay ppl..just pray that band prac goes smoothly...and so does my op..hope Mr.G dun come into the bandroom after so many days and suan u all like siao..msgs were flooding my inbox last nite just showed how concerned u all were..and for that..i really love u all..


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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Its e beginning...

dear bro and sis... it has been quite some time since i have written on this blog... is coming to an end.. and band is gonna be buzy again... well i jus wanna say that u guys jus rock my life... and cont to strive and work hard together as a band... As u shld know by now... u guys are all dearest to me(everyone in the band).. sajcband has become part of my life... and you know whaT...sajcband is your guys...

i once said tat this batch is very special. yep. it is still very special. sajcband will go far. =] sajcband will cont to pursue its everlasting musical excellence... we have done so much together... e preparation and actual day of open hse, e soccer match against council... so united so close... and our music... it's getting(not e best yet)... i really dunwan to see this band at its worse again... we tasted tat b4... i hope u wont forget e experience...

well guys... this 2 months is gonna be very buzy and there will be ups and downz... i would like u guys to be mentally prepared... we gonna learn even more pieces... build up new skills in our playing... individually and as a band... Mr Glosz is there to guide us... but ultimately it's us who play the instruments... We also must do our part... we wan to achieve excellence rite? of course! but we must have e initiative... u shld know wat to do guys... show mr glosz tt we are a independent self-motivated batch of musicians who are passionate in watever things we do... mr glosz will definitely help us... but tt is provided if we do our homework or show some initiative...

Please guys... i really wan to see sajcband at its greatest or even further sure all of u wan e same thing again... but we must work hard... addy kumar yf andre deon huimin did their transfers from their initial instruments for a reason. THEY WAN THE BAND TO BENEFIT. Do you wan to waste their time and effort? They are human after all... they got feelings... and those guys mentioned... i really deep down from my heart i thank u for your effort... i know how u guys feel at times... but dun give up... e band is always there to support u guys... =]

let us cont our band lives with our ultimate goal in mind- MUSICAL EXCELLENCE. Nothing is impossible. We can do it. Let no barriers stop the band from proceeding to success. One band One sound One heart. i love sajcband.


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All the best kumz

To kums: all the best dude, your op is going to be a success, get better soon and can play soccer again. there goes one midfielder for the polo match. nvm, we shall win it for u.

bon vivant narcissistic hedonist dude signing off

dRe - You-Oh!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

i like the smell of rain

ooh raining and pouring. crashing and falling.

Aww, deon's birthday is over. Up next stu lee's! SISTAH BLARCK MARN! Anyway, happy happy happy birthday deon. Birthdays are happy days. Yay! My sympathy to you though. I'll get andre to post the pictures up soon. I didn't burn you. didn't tar nor feathered you. :D Love ya dude! Cheerios.

Had fun in band today. Though I was kinda sleepy. Anyway, to the clarinet section, if you happened to find my orange nose stud please return to me k? Lost it during the stayover. It's a orange star! Around steph and dina's area yup!? Darn, losing a lot of orange things. Hairband, nosestud, potato chips, marker. ARGH! Orange is jinxed. Cheer me up someone! Hahaha.

PW's gonna be over in less than 2 weeks! Go band go! Gonna braid kumz hair tomorrow! So excited!!! Hahaha!!! Aww, I miss Mr Glosz.


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deon's birthday ending in 10mins

happie birthday to deon.darling.ah.boy for the last time before the clock strikes 12am.

saw those fotos??? my poor ah-boy. whole body full of marks. permanent markers somemore! duno how he's going to wash them off. oh... share a secret with u all okie??? deon's growing FAT!!! hohohoho... noticed his BELLY coming out while he was trying to show me his 'decorated' body just now. ahahaha!!!!

okie... those pple who helped 'decorate' his BODY, watch out on ur birthday!!! even if i'm not in spore, i'll purposely fly back to REVENGE for my ah-boy!!! ESPECIALLY MARQUEE FONG!!!!

went dinner with the gang at harbourfront. think we were damn noisy la. but as usual, who cares!!!!!!! ahahaha!!!!

kok!!! did u remember to buy wat u wanted to buy at harbour???

okie... yingwennie gotta study now. alevels ending soon!!! [just trying to console myself] oh... as i said, band members nowadays become naggy already. keep hearing them saying 'yingwen go and study' and stuffs lidat. are my ears playing tricks on me or wat??? hohoho... no worries la pple. i'll do my best for alevels. =)


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our chairman of the night... bimbo!!!!

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iamenru looked funny here!

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the GAYS with shan in the middle. poor thing!

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ALOO!!!!! UR FACE!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA!!!!! really got abit like BUTTERCUP rite???

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the gals...

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happie kumar... wish him all the best for his operation!!!!!!!!!

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DEON TOH!!!! our birthday boy!!!!!

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the masterpiece, coutesy of band dudes. Posted by Hello

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the birthday boy! Posted by Hello

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and u thought the people in IRaq had it difficult. Posted by Hello

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this is just the beginning Posted by Hello

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wat are the two PERVERTS looking at???? addi touching ah-boy's hand somemore! *yucks*

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pinned down and helpless Posted by Hello

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addi's so act cute here

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OH MY GOD!!!! ah-boy turned gay!!!! beebee, ur addi too!!! marquee... he's already jie's...

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i have no idea wat the 2 weirdos are doing beside my ah-boy.

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notice the 3 gays???

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Thanks ppl

Sup dudes,
Ok... this is gonna be .. nvm. Anyway before I start, just wanna thank [x10] Wing Man, A Loo, Joey, Addison, Marcus, Jason, Kok, Yaofeng, Kumz, Melvyn, Jie, Andre, Salahuddin Haque, Stuart, Huimin, Wnru and lots more for today's gifts and all, appreciate it. Ok, those people who gave me the art attack better wear your safety gear next time, you'll pay for it... MUAHAHA. Anyway it was really sweet of you guys to sing me and Salahuddin Haque a birthday song. Sweet. Ya this was one of the more special birthdays since I spent the whole day with you ppl. Thanks a million people.

For todays band practice, there were hints of nice music being created but obviously hints werent enough. I hope you people will continue to work hard at it! You were average today. Anyway sorry about the door, I admit it was my fault for being so light. Ok for the waterpolo match be prepared for some gore. They have got an ego you know. By the way, for fridays practice just do your thing!

Ok you people were your usual ra-ra and all today and gave me quite a birthday bash. Thanks again.


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to my deon.darling.ah.boy


mummy will always love u!!!!


enjoy urself in band today.


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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

my confession...

I LOVE JOEY ! and sajcband.....

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Sup G,
I pray for all the members to enjoy band practice tomorrow.
I pray for Mr glosz to guide the band along smoothly.
I pray for the trip to happen.
I pray for quality sec 4s.
I pray for all members to promote.
I pray for Kumz op to go smoothly.
I pray that all the brothers and sisters in band show mercy tml.
I pray that I recieve a handy ball guard.
I pray that I'll still be straight tml.
I pray that all permanent markers be eradicated tml.
I pray that I can walk home in clean and non blood stained undies.
I pray that I wont be using the girls toilet at all.
Please. MERCY!!!!


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hahaha diao diao...see la the result of 56k...slow connection so i tot should just close and do it again wah low eh now end up got 3 of it la...BIG HUGE DOTS man...
well today deon yf LJ and kok were playing soccer...just kicking the ball around...i was like damn sian la...donno why don wana play also just standing around...ha...
waterpolo VS SAJCBAND...hmmm lets make it feel like a walk over again man guys! go start preparing urselves!!
hmmmm wonder why more ppl visiting our blog after the two cool dudes of the tubes photo were posted...hmmmm beats me

ur Motherly MO

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he He hE

DeOn!!! ur birthday's in a few hours!! hahaha

ur MOtherly MO

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he he he!!

DEoN!!!he he he ur birthday's in a few hours!! :)

ur MOtherly MO

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he he he!!

DEoN!!!he he he ur birthday's in a few hours!! :)

ur MOtherly MO

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Saxtion~ Posted by Hello

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Scratch.. how did arsenal lose.. *haha.. oopz Posted by Hello

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The Cool Dudes From the Tubess Posted by Hello

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Birthday Kiddos, Deon n IamEnRu Posted by Hello

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aint m0i daE...

haz... seld0m blog here and m0i previous entry was like ages ag0?!?! ehehx..
anyway todaY kinda sUper sian la... totally aint my day.. l0st my watch, l0st my precious HP and our PW grp even lost a copy of our report! feel so jinxed la! lUckily i found my watch and HP.. but e rep0rt is still MIA... haix..
oh ya.. maRcus is m0i saviour!!! ahahaax... heLped me to find m0i HP.. fRm e office.. pHew!! alm0st died frm a heart attack... xp thNkz aL0t man!! still, it d0esnt st0p me fRm being ur worst nitemare!!! l0lx~~
chEErs!!! =P

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2 ANRE - 0 JIE

Ok... This is for sunday...
Hahah, Ok listen up every sunday, usually me, Addi, Yaofeng, Liang Shi, Terrance and lately Marcus [Kum and Kok supposed to join but PS], will goto serangoon have play soccer. So this week, just before Kumz goes for his op.. we decided to have dinner [like e last supper haha] at muah house. Yupz ok in e end Addi Kok PS [pang sei]. So... left four guys [five if u count mareecus as 2] to eat 10 ppl's serving hahah.. Ok ya theres was crab [chilli and pepper] mee goreng, wings, veg and lots. Ok then we stayed up late to watch soccer till 1am this morning. When Man UTD slotted in 2 goals... we just wanted to call LLJIE and shout into his phone... But guess wad.. someone turned his phone off. So andre and the rest of muah gang hadda wait till today. Anyway later on in the evening more guys came like Addi and Liang then we opened the Mandarin and finished the remaining half. And YF got a little. just a little. drunk. hahaha. Ok then we called IAMENRU and wished her happy birthday and stuff and asked her cheeky questions about salamis and ali-babas and spent 36 mins wif her on her bday. Ok overall it was really fun to spend times chilling wif the guys on the third storey balcony facing Addis Tower [condo]. Next time will invite more k? Oh wait. To all the ARSEnal supportors. haha its e end. Bye. And to all Man Utd supportors.. maybe the devils can win the Oscars next time. Btw soccer is played on a field not a pool. SO DONT DIVE! haha ya but it was a thriller to watch the match although the guys were constantly switching to AXN too... hahaha.. Ok nice day have a nice week and tml's sports for life again!

TOH PR. haz.

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link to open hse fotos

u can click here to view all the fotos taken during open hse. including preparation on the nite before and part of the stripping.

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sajcband ooooh so diao diao man!!!

oooh so nice to see everyone always so excited than thank here thank there haha...soooo long neva blog le...just always so lost for words when i see u guys happy and enjoying yourself and think today i finally can type some stuff le...well...Thank God that now all our players are back into business man...let us now write history man, lets play hard, trash ppl in soccer and all and also play music so heavenly that ppl drool when they hear us...lets achieve a higher level of musical excellence with each it any event or competition or practise...let us fill the music with OUR emotions and melt the hearts of those listening to us...I know so damn well that our band, all of you will be able to do let us work towards that man...let the bond among us grow stonger each day as much so that YEEEEAAAARS down the road we'll still be in contact...even better, playing side by side again in Saints Alumni Band... :)

fellow bros and sis congrats to those who got promoted...must work hard already k balance everything well for myself...i glad to have been feeling rather peaceful all these while....

tgc...cya in schl!!!!!! :)

all urs...ur MOtherly MO haha

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Sunday, October 24, 2004


HEY, its IAMENRU's birthday!! haha, happy birthday babe...

Happy Birthday to Uuuu,
Happy Birthday to Uuuu,
Happy Birthday to IAMENRUuuu,
Happy Birthday to Uuuu...

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sorry forgot to leave my name. thanx to melvyn who reminded me. the previous post was by me.


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Thanks!!! and yesterday was super fun!!

hey, v long never blog le. yesterday damn fun! thanks to all the seniors who helped out in the performance and giving us the confidence to play better. and thanks to everybody who wished me happy b'day. hui shan, cheer up ok? we're always here if u wanna talk. ok, need to go do pw le. bye, blog next time. love u guys!

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post open house + happy enru day

too tired to blog last night, but still too tired to type out everything, but open house was such a blast! actually, only the band perf at 1pm =x and the cute flutist is mine (private joke btw jie, andre). coo.

and oh..

yeah, and all the best wishes.
posted by Melvyn (24th October 2004, 10.58AM)

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Open House is Closed

Yay! Open house was so much fun. I'm sure there were faults here and there. Oh well, everything was still cool, no biggie in the end I guess. Seeing our batch having so much fun together, working hard together is really so darn cool. Hahaha. Hope our publicity works. Now, I can't wait for tune in and maybe like the next soccer match. Haha, sajcband members are just such all-rounders. Tralala. Oh yes, on our well-deserved break, I WANT MY SAKAE BUFFET! dumdeedum. Keep up the neatness of the bandroom. Hahaha. If I ain't got you people...(!!!) Okay maybe I'm gonna cure my addiction to sleep. Love ya!

Shan and Deon, you guys are the greatest! Cheerios!



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Saturday, October 23, 2004

u guys are just GREAT!!!!!!

saw those fotos? alot of preparation work rite? good job babes & dudes. esp to deon & huishan. they must be damn tired. well... thanx ur PRs!!!!!!

from open house preparation on fri to open house today, i'm sure u guys had lotsa fun. doing stuffs together, bonding and all. whoa! so cool!!!!!!!!! continue having fun!!!!!

performance was alrite. cannot really say it's good. actually it's not considered good for a performance. but overall, as long as u guys enjoyed urselves and the audience enjoyed themselves, it's really alrite. most imptly is to have fun yea?!?!?!?! busking was FUN!!!! yes... everything today was FUN!!! keep it up.

many ex-seniors were back. some even helped out in the performance. thanx them alot. JC1 band members, buck up okie? u know u dun have a balanced band yet. so must practise more. get the correct tone and stuffs. and dun play too loud. keep in mind tat loud doesnt mean good okie? overall... i love today's open house.

and oso the VCD of our concert in the band room drew a big crowd too. or rather we had consistent 'visitors'. =)

hey peeps, u guys did alot today and really really deserved a round of applause and lotsa lotsa rest!!!!!!!!!!!!

deon, huishan, rest more okie??? deon... just go and have a good night's rest. huishan, dun think of unhappy things okie? cheerie!!!! be happy!!!! u rest well too. u looked superly tired at the bus stop. oh... and deon, ur eyes were damn red!

kumar was watching indian show on tv when i called him just now. ahahaha!!!!! go and rest dude! u need lotsa rest too.

kokie, yes i know u arent feeling well, but u have joey, u dun need me. my deon ah boy needs his mummy more den u do.

the rest... pls REST! hohoho!

JC2s... 10 days left to our 1st paper!!!!! work hard!!!!

enjoyed myself alot. from yesterday seeing all of u working towards the beginning of open hse to seeing u guys working ur butt off towards the end of open hse. great job!!!! CHEERS!!!!!

take care!!!! bye!!!!!!

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ex-seniors in the bandroom

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our dearest toh & marquee in the soccer band

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deon drumming away

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busking percussion

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busking flutes, cornets, clarinets

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busking sax

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busking time

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THE WALL!!!!!!!!

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look at the crowd behind jie. WHOA!

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GO GET A ROOM!!!!!!! *quote from huishan*

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the seniors helping out

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my boy enjoying the cake mummy chose for him!!!! hohoho!!!!

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bubbles too happie for words

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the three OCT babies

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ying*wen chose these BEAUTIFUL cakes!!!!!!!!!

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eliz's birthday prezzie

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the 2 JOKERS!!!!!!

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the trail pple

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