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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello J2s and J1s, CDs (Grace and Adilah) of 2008 batch here. We just want to clarify some things about the band dinner theme here, so yeah sorry for all the misunderstandings.

Firstly, our band dinner is not Kiddy Palace (!!). Anyway, yes I know some have been told that it was some Kiddy Birthday thing, but that theme has been cancelled after some discussion during today's band practice so sorry for confusing all of you.

The theme of the band dinner is Alphabets, it's a pretty variable theme. Basically, you choose an adjective/noun which starts with the same letter as your name and you dress according to that. HOWEVER, that does not mean that you really do dress exactly like how your word chosen states. You dress according to how you interpet it. To illustrate my point, let me use Joel's name as an example.

Say Joel wants to use the word "Jovial" as the word to dress up as. To him, what makes him jovial and happy might be simple things, like finding 50 cents on the floor or whatnot. Because he interpets the word "jovial" as having connections to do with simplicity, he can dress up simply to suit the event. That's it, no need to be colourful and whatnot, no need to follow the assumptions of "jovial" (i.e. bright colours etc)

Don't come in costumes, this is not a COSTUME party, just dress accordingly to how you interpret your word.

As long your interpretation is valid and not obscene, and as long you can explain your theme and choice of dressing to us, it is fine. We're not asking for extravagance! Please do not come in funny funny costumes and outfits! And please come in something decent, no slippers and overly revealing clothing like plunging necklines and microshorts or something.

Also, please submit the words you guys want to dress up as and a short explaination as well as description as to what you are wearing (you can tell us verbally/sms/email/even write on paper) to us by Sunday next week, in this way we can filter and moderate the dressing and see if it is acceptable by hotel management and all.

If you need help in your choice of word and all, please look for either Adilah or I for advice and help. We will be glad to assist you in any way possible :)

Please please please feedback us if there's really something that dissatisfies you, here is my email, . We the CDs really really appreciate it alot. Thanks for your time!

Grace (and Adilah), CDs of '08 batch

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

another report on Saints e Musica

HEY GUYS! haha i chanced upon this report on our concert( though it has been more than one month alr) on SAJC's Blog. you must be like huh, our sch got blog? since when?! haha so anyway just read and enjoy! :) so here it is, credits to SAJC's Blogger's Club.

"18th May 2008

The stage was set on a breezy Sunday evening at the Victoria Concert Hall for the much anticipated SAJC Band Production. Saints and a minority of other guests filed excitedly into the hall with bundles of flowers in their hands before the lights dimmed for the show. The band opened with the Festive Overture, setting the light-hearted, celebratory scene for the rest of the night with its perfect blend of rhythm and melodious flow.
The first address from Mr. David Anthony Glosz, SAJC’S band director since 1987, was a heart-warming welcome for SAJC’S band alumni and an introduction for the rest of us to the long history that Mr Glosz has had with many musically inclined Saints.
The J2 band members proceeded to steal the spotlight with their sterling performance of Whatsoever Things, delivering with admirable precision. Being their last time on stage with Mr. Glosz, the three-part piece was a fitting closure to their SAJC band careers, commencing with a mournful section almost echoing a melancholic feeling, followed by a strengthened mid-section as if validating their bright futures beyond SAJC Band and finally a third-section symbolizing tranquility.
Grace Koh from the Lower Woodwinds section has this to say “Knowing it was the last time we (J1s) would be playing with the Seniors, there was a tinge of sadness.”
Selections from West Side Story by the junior band members represented a “passing on of the baton” of sorts. This piece included many familiar excerpts such as “I feel pretty” and “Maria” from the musical.
Samantha Chua, former Band Majorette and current student from SJI IB was one of the many guests who gave two thumbs up to the overall performance of the Band “They played well.”
After a brief intermission, the audience was geared up for the second half- the musical. Muhd Shafiq Bin Rashid, Aaron Li, Phyllis Loe, Hayden Chong and Aaron Tau are just a few of the actors who deserve mention for their respective roles and comedic accolades, for they certainly provided much laughter with both the planned script and impromptu lines.
Although the Band moved further into the background during the musical, their precise playing could still be heard.
All in all, a brilliant effort by SAJC Band.

by Desiree"

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Monday, July 14, 2008

For JC2s who have yet submitted your SGC and have really no idea what to write, here's some suggestions:

1) U can write one paragraph on the contributions u had made as a member of the band and the performances you had taken part in:
--40th Anniversary Navy Open House
--SYF 2007
--ASEAN Games Opening Ceremony
--5th Band Convention Opening Ceremony

2) For the 3 leaders and ALs, you can write one paragraph on your contributions as a leader or ex-co member

3) All CIPs u had done, eg Service Learning ,Band CIP at Kaki Bukit, any flag day should be in the same paragraph

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