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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hey everyone! 
here's the link for the whatsoever things by the J2s that I have edited.
This isn't as clear as the original one that I did so if you want the original file you can approach me.. Hope you enjoy hearing it! =)

-benji chua

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this time last year, i think the only thing i could play was "when the saints go marching in"
haha. (:
I just really wanna thank my batch for this awesome opportunity.. to be part of a band so strong. this time last year, i barely knew you guys. but my (AWESOME) saxtion got me a cake anyway, and the whole band celebrated my birthday for me. thank you thank you thank you so much (:

it's been one year already. and i'm so thankful to the saxtion for helping me learn this amazing instrument, for the words of encouragement and the great patience. heh.

the concert was the best experience of my life. i just can't imagine anything better. whatsoever things... i'm just so so proud to have been a part of it.

As a newbie, i think i am so so lucky to have been part of this batch. i really loved my time in band. i'm so glad i joined (:

thank you for the all the joy and all the amazement.
i can hold my head up high and proudly say
I was part of the magic of the sajcband

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Nothing i can ask for more

Sorry if i flooded this post with photos upon photos.
but i guess it serves as a memory for everyone of us.
so that when we come back and revisit the blog, we revisit the memories of SAJCCB 2008.
Both nights were magical.
Of course to the j2s, Saints E Muzica was smthg they will die remembering.
and to me, the performance at Taka was something i will die remembering.
the not so perfect pieces we played, yet i know we played with our hearts.
there are definitely rooms to improve, and we will strive to work as hard.
beautiful "Twins", as i see a line of hope.
the line formed by the j2s at the encore song, to me it was hope, it was expectations, it was encouragement, it was pride.
Thank you J2s, for being there to support us. There is nothing i can ask for, more.
thank you cornet seniors, for the pretzels. and the "Not normal" card.
You guys, are people i will die remembering too.
And to my batch!
i love you guys totally!
the MISS (Mark Ivan Siying Sheldon) section.
let's look forward to a time of bonding and training in Perth.
and a hell lot of fun time with each other.
Let's cherish every practice we have with one another, as a batch,
because time will soon fly.
SAJCCB is magical,
there is nothing more you can ask for.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

hey there!
my first time blogging here
and yes,
finally someone to represent the clarinet section of batch 07/08

concert's over (abit late to say this i know)
and im still pretty much in my post-concert euphoria
i would say i wont trade anything in my life for that experience that i had with the band
the day we all played whatsoeverthings.
the experience we felt in our hearts.
and the heart.
thats where it all lies
and thats where the music came from.
who can forget the applause that came after the piece?
one which was prolonged
and even grew louder for some reason

i'd like to say..
that the musical journey for the batch didnt end with a full stop.
it ended with a trail of exclamation marks

some stuff to share..

band camp dec 07

late night band pracs!
debrief (i think)

prep for concert

scene 6

(jasmine's and xt's sub-section for musical band!)

dancing in scene 7

(main focus.. CLARINETS)
during concert playing sch song

JEREMY'S pre-concert speech at VCH 18/05/08
(jeremy kept bugging me for this.. so here's it!)
sry for the poor quality of the vid
cos its taken with my hp

(*vid looks clearer on phone...)

i have more,
but thats enough for now!



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I will never forget today, 22nd May '08.

Twins was amazing when we played it for the j2s. Although we might not have sound good enough, but the feeling was all there, I could feel it.

That feeling made me cry, for the first time ever in my entire band life.

Just like what siying quoted bean, "forget any negativity or fear on stage and just play with your heart".

"Play with your heart", that's what we did during twins i felt.

I really wanna thank the j2s for walking through this short but great path with us!

Daniel, Huihong and Joey! It's great to be able to play with you guys :)

And lastly of course I LOVE YOU GUYS TRUCKLOADS! :D


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to my dearest j2s and j1s, the above link is for those who wans to download As the Moon Whispers by the j2s.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finally, the day has arrived for SAJC Band to showcase their effort and hardwork over the past many months, and indeed I'm very proud of you - you've not only proven yourselves what other people might not be able to accomplish, but most importantly what SAJC Band is all about.

Forget about the little hiccups that happened on stage for what is important was that everyone managed to piece up again together as one band and continued the show - commendable.

Forget about the one whom may have caused the errors on stage, for what is important was that it was at least a humane performance that everyone will remember - not for the mistakes, but for the time spent on stage together - forgivable.

Forget about the musical issues that may have already happened in the music, for what is important was that everyone felt satisfied and congratulate each other for the moving music on stage- memorable.

Thank you for the wonderful performance. Well done.

Music do not stop here,

-taken with permission from Benji(aka Mr Yeo)'s blog

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halo the present sajc concert band, addison here ar... batch 04/05..

i'm proud to say tt i was there at vch on the 180508 to watch sajc concert band perform!

for me, it was a very! touching performance...

in a way, u guys fulfilled the dreams of what some of the past batches had dreamed of...the beautiful sound, the musical, the kind of music u performed...

amazing...many have already said it but i will say it again, whatsoever things was so so beautiful...Mr Glosz brought it out when i was j1 but yea...hahaha we weren't ready for such a piece...finally, i believe he has found the unique batch with the unique sound to really bring out the beauty of this piece...although another band under him did play it before...

the musical reminded me of so many fond memories when i was j1...
how i teared at the very first note we played during the start of the musical, which drew a roar of applause from the audience...
n how they laughed at gorizilla? when he was blabbering in his own 'language'...
the music which was played during the musical, noah's ark, persis, merry widow...all brought back different memories...
n also the song 'at the beginning' which reminds me of xiao han n malorie...
n of cos, the ending...haha so so similar compared to the first musical...hahaha

lastly, i would like to thank each n everyone of u 07/08 batch peeps, for all ur sacrifice, the effort n everything tt u've put into this concert n from the very first day tt u were a part of this family...thank you thank you so very the much...hahah

n indeed, like the concert booklet says, this concert would not have been possible without the abundant blessings n presence of God...and not just this concert, but every moment of sajc band existence would not have been possible without God...

quote from kok hoe: 'yes, well done, great concert and cya at alumni' lol

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Whatsoever things are true,
whatsoever things are honest,
whatsoever things are just
whatsoever things are pure,
whatsoever things are lovely,
whatsoever things are of good report,
if there be any virtue,
and if there be any praise,
think on these things.
- Philippians 4:8 -

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Band, all i wanna say is WELL DONE! YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SO PROUD! It was truly an awesome show. Can't imagine a better way to end off my time in band.

P.S. Saxes rock

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Whatsoever Things...

Finally, dearest batchmates,
Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise in our journey together as a batch, let us continue think on these things, even as the time has come for us to part.
We all can indeed be proud to have left a legacy that was true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy... once upon a time.
- Jeremy

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IT'S OVER! Hah I must really say that the experience last night was really a special one. Though the concert didnt start on a right note, it ended off with a bang! WHAO! Whatsoever Things!!! What a wonderful feeling to play with all your heart and being able to 'feel' when u play. The moments immediately after Whatsoever Thing were really touching. People crying, shaking hands, hugging on stage. All the emotion, almost the whole batch crying. Hah this is really an experience everyone should aim for man! To play till you cry. HAH.

THE MUSICAL! I would say that it was a success! Many thanks to all involved, which is the entire band of course. Every part played an important role in its execution. What can i say man, we worked as a team and we did it! All the effort we put in, the late nights practicing for musical band, acting, building props, costumes, doorgifts. The scares we all hand from our 2 "paikah" leads. One with the toe and the other limping the day before the concert! Whatever it is, the experience was really a great one, one that i would treasure and remember.

Hah so 18th May 2008! Saints e Muzica: Once Upon a Time. A day to remember. SAJCCB! One Family Unbroken!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's time

I can't seem to sleep.

I'm thinking about what will happen tomorrow, and in the future after the j2s leave.

but i guess to all the j1s, let us do our best, stay calm and composed, play for the j2s and our fellow batch mates.

Bean told my section, "forget any negativity or fear on stage and just play with your heart."

Bean hayden syafiq caryl melisa syarah,

it is my honour to be able to play with you guys. wonderful people with extraordinary (to me) playing.



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IT'S TIME, IT'S TIME! They would exclaim.
SAJC fills with cheer!
Whatever it is, we ll do our BEST!

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Saturday, May 17, 2008


have a blast tmr (:


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tmr is our time to shine.
to hope that our performances will be flawless,
would be too idealistic.
but whatever glitches we may have,
we can make up for by playing with our hearts.

like benny said,
'just enjoy yourself'.
which is true.
because there is no more practise at that point,
its all about execution,
about doing what we have been practising for months,
to be able to do.
and remembering to do it.

for the musical,
im glad to say,
the cast has gone a long way.
its heartwarming to see everyone put in effort,
and press on.

all the way for tmr,
fluidity, fluidity, fluidity.
as long as everyone is natural, at ease,
nothing will look contrived,
and things are best when they are real.

final note,
lets try not to laugh at hayden's hair,
however ridiculous it looks whenever he swings it.


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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Those were the days....

HAHA! hi everyone! a quick intro..i'm nicholas from 06/07 batch.. errr.. i only the batches from 05/06, 06/07, 07/08 will know me as "NICKY"..yup...i don't quite believe it either. i'm actually blogging... haha! okay.. not really blogging but just posting up some pictures of sajc band. those which really brings up memories and to some out there, especially from my secion.. lol! so bear with me for a bit..yup!
haha! yup! thats me in perth!! -.-
some retarded pic of brandon...zzzz...

this one.. a classic.. my all time favourite.. i call it. "Nicky's angels" ( one more missing.. )

double bens ( cant stand the one on the right though.. haha! just jk! =P)

another great section picture but without some people..i think... oops!

haha! retard face!

thats me with the girls in my section in perth. they call me "the pimp"...

haha! 2 giants VS someone who like to act cute...

seee... so loving.... haha..

handsome guys.. great clarinetists! what more can u ask for from sajc band?!?! (except the one on the most right.. just jk! haha! )

1st pic we took in Perth together..

the team that won the SC 4-1. great times, great play, great team!


the 1st 06/07 soccer team with the new jerseys..

at the orientation held at Sentosa!

06 clarinet section for Saints Ascencio! 1st ever concert with sajc..

and.. finally... ended off with something to be proud of in the band!!! a section which worked hard to achieve what they desired for!! ( see the smiles on their faces? all genuine.. haha! )

Yup! Thats all for now. guess this might be my only ever post in the band blog unless i feel like doing what i just did.. haha! cant wait for the 18th May concert!
Good luck to the 07/08 batch, especially for their As and pls pls pls treasure what time u have in the band left!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

miss the j3s.

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SYF '07 Hornies!
Gathering as a band in a BIG circle outside SCH for the results; Horny Horns; Great Music; Rhapsody!; Sakura!!!; Safari!; Scream therapy in the tuning room; Goosebumps; ORSGASMIC!; Band Spirit; Mars Bars; One Family; One Sound; The stench of success; Everyone cheering when one person started; Only to realise no one knows the results; GOLD WITH HONOURS!!!; Reasons to remember the 11th of May 2007!

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Yeah. One year anniversary!!

how time flies.. i miss those times man.. the late nights, the pracs, the camps.. and the berserk running and shouting and cheering around nicky's stool on the day itself after the results. haha..

sighs. clerking is soo not fun compared to those... =((

SYF'07 Bones!!

coke, kopi-bing sudai, kopi-bing, lemon tea, teh-bing, milo-ping...


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