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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

hi guys!

sneaked this photo before the concert!
and this is for the j3s! your loyal supporters!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

halo sajcband! :)

haha signing in to blog just bring back so much memories haha when deon first created this blog for the band haha

gona be confined for two weeks liao haha but i think i'll just be out on labour day...will it happen? haha don't know...

it doesn't really sadden me that i'm going to the army but what really does is that i'll be missing the concert and probably the competition day as well...yea...
i went down to check out the band today...some of the j2s seem really really drained, they seem to have lost their soul and the life in them...haha the undead! haha but yea affects me to see u peeps like tt but can't be help i guess tt's how hectic it gets when you're in j2 huh...

there come a time where sectionals, individuals or full band may seem so mundane...but that is actually a sign that its time that you work towards perfection...time to be in touch with your within when you play...which brings you to a whole new level of performance...

when i was there for the few hours, i've heard quite alot,abt disagreements, conflicts, unhappiness, so on and so forth...then again, these things are inevitable...they do appear in every batch and in various degree of severity
possible solutions may surface, ppl may have been trying for a long time to try change things...

but whatever problems there maybe, whatever disagreements there may be between ppl or even groups of people, i pray and hope that the band would come to realise soon that they cannot allow themselves to let their problems be of higher priority than sajcband...

the good reputation, the rich history and the future of sajcband cannot be compromised because of your own individual problems...

when a band is onstage, it is not pleasant to have only a few individuals who shine...because can you imagine what a difference it would be when the whole band shines as one?

sajcband can only shine as a band and continue to be a great and unique band if we realise the importance of putting the band above our problems and be as one, work as one and perform as one...

but of course this is assuming that you love this band that you are in, you care for it and want it to continue to have a bright future ahead...

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wu Kong Master lesson no. 2!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

SAJCCB orientation 2007!!

everyone, remember to bring shorts and slippers/sandals for the orientation, and also, bring a FULL SET of clothes to change!! full set eh, u get what i mean.

attire for band prac would be usual attire for j2s. j1s u guys may wan to wear dark coloured saints tee to band for ur convenience. if not, just any saints tee then u change after band.

SLs, pls remember to inform the freshmen and the 2nd intakers!

whole thing will end at night, dinner is provided, so no worries.

band prac-wise, lets all cooperate, dun waste time and play well, and make the band prac a good one. then everyone will in a good mood for the day, yeah?
in fact, this should this apply for all band pracs too.

looking forward to saturday!!


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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SAJC Band Concert 2007

The time has come once again for Sajc Concert Band to present its annual concert entitled "Bach to the Beat". Yes! the highly anticipated concert will be held on:

Date: 28th April 2007 (Saturday)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Singapore Conference Hall
Tickets are priced at $12 each. Cheap right??

Alright, here are the highlights of the concert:

1) Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna
2) Rondo For Solo Clarinet and Band
3) Ivanhoe
4) Rock and Roll Explosion
5) Classics, Classics, Classics
and many more!

Join us for an evening of wonderful music and groovy classics that will make you move, sway, groove! simply message any of the sajc band members to get your tickets now!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wu Kong Master lesson no. 1

Wu Kong Master lesson no. 1

Stay tuned for lesson no. 2!!!

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