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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Yo J2s!

Want to play soccer against vj band? Tentatively the coming Monday, street or field also can. Anyone got venue to recommend? If you want to play get back to me so that I can arrange with their side. The old guys like Tommy also come hor. :)

If got any problems with the day just contact me we try to get a day where most people can make it. Help me spread around our batch and any interested parties. Thanks! :)


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Monday, November 27, 2006

hi guys, just thought i should mention this..

andrew's having his own x'mas solo recital on 12dec 2006. 7:30am
tickets are at $5. cheap cheap.
at YMS audi. according to him, its near NAFA.
pls do support! you can get tickets from him direct.


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

sajc band

hey guys and gal of batch 2005/2006 and 2006/2007
25th november 2006
the seniors playing soccer at the potong pasir street soccer court at 1pm...if you wana play then go gather your batch people and turn up at the place at 1pm yup...especially those guys going for alumni later in the day, you better turn up..haha..
if you have a soccer ball, please speak up cos the organiser mr wong yao feng has some problems finding a soccer ball...haha


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Friday, November 17, 2006


hmmmz.. i dunno how to make things on computer nice.. wanted to arrange the photos in order of time.. but.. erm. .. quite cmi la.. but nvm.. aniwae.. all the pictures are ppl from one section. =) so it doesnt matter how itz jumbled up.. cos it'll still end up as ONE.
itz been 2 yrs alreadi.. 2 yrs in sajc.. 2 yrs in sajc band.. dunno how mani years in eupho section alreadi.. everyone came to jc.. for a levels.. suddenly... after a levels.. u realised.. coming into jc for alevels may be the first tot.. but.. i just felt that.. coming here.. n knowing all the sa ppl.. the band ppl.. my nh frenz.. my class.. n my dear eupho section was one of the best best best things that happened! =)
from different schs, me n van, jeremy, louis, joel, came to sa.. i guess.. all of us not knowing wad to expect here.. we joined band.. played eupho tog.. ya.. but we werent the best of frenz or anithing.. we were just.. section mates. .. thatz about it. but soon after.. we became frenz.. ate lunch tog etc.. but soon after.. van decided to quit band.. n there she went..
so life went on for the rest of us..
we had a concert in march 2005.. perhaps our seniors tot of it as quite a flop.. but to me.. i tot it was great.. maybe not the music cos we werent that prepared.. but.. there was a bond.. a connection between the members.
had fun preparing for concert.. n soon.. concert ended... first 3 months sort of ended..
the new intake came in.. den i started tinking.. whether i should continue joining band or not..
van as well.. we were both tinking if we should continue our band life here in sajc.. cos .. there were other ccas n stuff we would lyke to try out as well.. den luckily.. momo tan came n managed 2 persuade us into joining.. n so.. we did..
started preparing for syf.. n all that.. as a section.. we still werent that close.. furthermore.. joel.. who was the fun n luffter person in the section decided to join council for a try left our section.. so i was quite sad.. but at least i still have stupid van.. den.. for syf.. jeremy got transfered to tuba.. so .. even more not close.. n there.. the section.. j1s.. were left with onli me van n louis..
at first everything was ok.. but den.. slowly.. we were irritated with stupid louis.. haha! for various reasons.. so.. even more not close!.. but still.. we went syf as a section.. n the band got a gold with honours.. =)
oo.. we flew to brisbane soon after that!.. met the sas guyz enting n dan.. made frens n knew even more band ppl thru the trip tho most of the time during the trip i was with shane, louis van n jacky.. but it was realli fun.. thru the trip.. we slowly got over all the rifts n fights with louis.. n we were slowly accepting him .. performed together.. had loads of fun.. took mani pics.. slpt late.. played cards.. everything la.. even took pic with a super tall policeman.. ok.. cut the long story short.. we become closer.. ha..
den cant rem al the things la.. tink i skipped some parts or sth.. den cant rem is this yr or last year.. jeremy came back to eupho section.. n not long after that.. our silly juniors came.. .. ok.. i tink i skipped a lot of parts.. haha.. so.. jarryl. john chew n mychelle joined into our family.. den after that john chew went to tuba n lynette came.. at first me n van were still worried.. what if our section cannot click.. what if what if.. .. ...
somehow .. everything went well.. this year.. we became more lyke a section.. a whole eupho section.. we became closer to each other.. became more than just section mates.. we became frenz as well.. with our juniors too.. they r damn nice la.. so THE J1 BATCH U BETTER DUN TORTURE THEM!! haha.. we started goin out to eat as a section.. did things as a section.. take pics.. have sectionals.. etc.. i began to enjoy band life more.. the ppl became more impt to me.. more significant n brot so much fun n joy n happiness .. during sectionals.. we werent the 100% strict or 100% efficient section.. we luffed.. got irritated... made noise.. went for breaks.. cheat jeremy of his money .. killed millipedes with valve oil..waited for each other when one couldnt catch up.. all these little little things.. come to tink of it.. thatz wad made our section unique n quite spastic la..
ok.. now i cant rem sequence again.. got band camp.. got concert.. preparation for concert.. of cos time spent together was more.. n somehow or rather.. without us noticing it.. we became more bonded.. n b4 we knew it.. our last concert ended.. i was realli sad.. it was just when our section was reali coming together when we had to part..
to hear lynette whining n toking non stop.. to see van n her spastic face n luffing even when she dunno wad's goin on.. to see louis playing wrong notez n all of us luffing.. to hear jarryl.. er.. not tokin much! haha.. to see us chasing jeremy round the bandroom.. to hear me talking n talking.. to see me n mych playing n holding our euphos so unglamly.. cos we open our legs v wide.. to hear us as a section.. o.. plus all the super boring warm ups.. damn boring.. haha. all these r worth remembering .. ..
so . when the concert ended.. tot somehow.. we would all not be meeting much.. nothing to tok to each other about le.. BUT magically.. haha.. jeremy still tot me maths.. louis still hanged out with us.. even studied wif us.. tot me econs.. van studied with me nearly everydae in sch b4 a levels.. me n van waving lyke mad ppl when we see mychelle or lynette.. n jarryl whacking my head.. n calling me fat pig marie.. haha.. somehow.. coming to jc has changed us a lot.. jeremy.. from a arrogant stranger.. to a damn act cute n funny n nice guy who is willing to help us in our studies... louis.. a person i got so irritated with.. became more open minded.. kind.. helpful.. n even crap with us n alwaez sae his silly quotes or philosophies.. van(balding).. from a nanhua section mate who goes out after band prac to have fun... became one of my best frenz in sajc.. who shared joy n sadness with me..
i guess .. being a eupho player realil rocks! esp when the ppl playing the same eupho as u .. r great! maybe not at first sight.. but somehow.. we all clicked.. diff schs.. diff ages.. diff characters.. i dunno how we managed to do it.. but somehow we did.. being with the eupho ppl is realli something so enjoyable.. i dunno how to sae.. when we pose for pictures.. the smiles come unto our faces naturally.. we dun have to smile to smile.. we just do.. itz sth naturally happy n sth we enjoy doing..
our sch term may have ended.. for the j2s.. n for the j1s.. the real studies thing will soon be coming into ur lives at full swing.. but still .. somehow .. if we stop n tink.. we will realise.. how much we have gained.. frenships.. kindness.. joy.. sorrow.. everything..
euphonium.. a simple instrument that managed to bring us all together as one section.. as frens.. i reali am glad i joined band all these while n to be in eupho section.. be it in pri sch.. sec sch or here in sajc are the best times of my life.. cos.. these ppl .. having the same interest as me.. playing the same instruments as me.. are simply the best ppl i have ever met.. n i love u guyz .. n i know our frenship wunt just end liddat.. even if stupid louis n stupid jeremy goes to army.. they will still come out.. even if me n van find jobs. we will still be free.. even if mych jar n lyn have to study.. they will still have to take a break somedae.. n on that somedae.. it will be section outing day! where we come together.. n simply have fun.. to relax.. to be with ppl where u can be crazy n create havoc with..
dunno y i m so long winded. but i just feel v blessed to have known u ppl...
to van: duno if u will ever read it.. ha.. but.. thankz so much for alwaez being there for me.. tho we may not agree all the time.. but somehow.. u r alwaez there when i nided u .. n hor.. tho i alwaez call u balding.. u r not balding la.. dun worry =) even if u realli bald.. u'll still be my best buddy alwaez.. ! thankz for everything u asshole!
to jeremy: thankz for taking out time to teach me maths .. cos i reali suck at it.. n itz obvious.. i hope i do alrite for my a-s..thankz for taking sectionals all the time cos i dunno how to take n i dun lyke to take sectionals.. u r one great guy who loves to act cute..
to louis koh: tho within these two yrs.. i got scold u b4.. etc.. but glad u didnt take it to heart.. n thankz for bothering to teach me econs too! haha... n me n van will def help u out if u ever open a tuition centre.. n somehow.. ur spastic jokes or philosophies nv fail to brighten up the day!
to mych: alwaez the happy go lucky person.. who see u also will from sad become happy la! lucky got u .. alwaez bringing up the mood.. making us luff n all that.. haha.. u r our sunshine!! lalalalala.. hahaha.. =)
to lyn: tho u look lyke v quiet n demure kind hor.. but hor! u realli can tok a lot lo.. haha... u n van the same.. look guai.. but itz .. bluff ppl one.. haha
to stupid jarryl: u better stop calling me fat marie or pig or wadeva ar!! haha.. so mean!! haha.. but nvm la.. jarryl not mean? dat's weird lo.. haha..

EUPHONIUM-A brass wind instrument similar to the tuba but having a somewhat higher pitch and a mellower sound. it is also an instrument that brings ppl from diff worlds together =)

actually hor.. i tink im damn long winded lei..
after writing so much n posting all the pics rite..
all i wanted to sae was..

btw hor.. itz lyke 3.46am.. n im so awake.. haha!

thatz about it.. =)
im goin to watch vcds .. haha!!

the story of the eupho section will continue.... ...... ................................................

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


hello longsuffering SLs. Super Lamos, eh? or Super Longwinded.
no la we're all Steadfast Illuminators. Sia Lah.
anyway that's not the point.

i've made a (not so astonishing) conclusion.
these few days, we've been msging our future j1s, inviting them for tune in all that right.
for every section, there's bound to be one damn funny sec4 who continues to msg you to ask super a lot of questions.
what to wear. which instru to bring. what pieces we're playing. my prelim results like shit howhOWHOW?

then some call you again and again. asking the same funny questions.

and i know just like myself. some of you get stumped. frightened. traumatised.
unless you're like deborah. scare them back.
or vincent. chat them up
or nicole. heck neh just answer them frankly and straight to the point.
actually i didn't get stumped la. i talked a lot of nonsense. and i think the guy gave up.. now pam can only solemnly apologise.

I HAVE A PROPOSITION. but no wedding ring sorry.
i'd like to suggest, against all pamness..
that all of us rmbr how to be kind seniors.
please be nice to them. and understand their distress. and wish them all the best for o's.
let them feel our spirit even before seeing us in person.
after all, isn't that what our family is about? warmth. sincerity. ohana.

now that we're gonna have more people among us, must consciously try not to be so exclusive already. overcome all VanDerGloszt forces of attraction between the batch (:
i think i'm gonna get into trouble. ni men yao kuai dian du zhe ge post lah, bu ran ta lai si xia (tear down) wo de wisdom. then ni men chi kui and burst into boohoohoos.
but nvm. if anything happens to me, marder maria repatriates a happy girl.
see, i'd do anything for you, my dears. HAHA :D

digressed so much. u all la, terrible.
serious now.
during our exchange with st pats, the interaction we had collectively was.. quite sad.
come on la. as the older ones, take the initiative. show concern.. dont wait for cues. make them.
and ya.. try also not to let anyone feel excluded during tune in.
i'm sure some of the sec4s will stand out among the others, livewires, pros, friendly. but reach out to the others too. easy to say. but easier to forget.

rmbr we're supposed to market our professionalism?
yea that doesn't come in the form of dao-ness.
haha heard that or not nicky, so dont wear your rbd duakee sunglasses. lend me. :D

mature seniors coming your way hmm! (:
row moders wor. turn on the charm, guys.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

this is our sajc band

firstly to those J1s that hasn't done their presentation, all the best. to those who have done theirs, hope you all have done your best and deserve all the credits. oh ya and the J2s, all the best for your A levels.

Alright, J1s, we've been through a lot for the past year and the days leading up to the band camp in december is the most crucial period. i'm sure that you all are prepared for all the hard work and we'll pull through. as what Mr Glosz has said, the only downfall to our success would be ourselves and no one else. so yeah we must get our act together and jia you!

Now the tune in. this is the time for us to show our future J1s the fun and professionalism that emboldened us. we must make use of these two strong points and get them to feel what we feel about sajc band. haha. and we must convince them that Mr Glosz is friendly and nice, right? hehe. no matter what, we have to be exceptional in everything that we do. so yeah, put on our biggest and most attractive smile and show them the true colours and spirit of sajc band.

though what i've put forward here may be somewhat too obvious to many but i feel the need to express it. so yeah. hope you all will continue to have fun and enjoy the music.

yours truly,

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Friday, November 03, 2006

heh heh

wth.. can't anyone else blog..
everytime i come in i see my post up there..
kinda reminds me of like ansley and yimei's blogs..
any way i really wanna take off my previous post.
life sucks and we all know it.
gosh i think its the emo period right now
cuz i know countless people who are facing emotional crisis.
BE STRONG!! my ass..

ok enough of depression.
may band be more interesting so that i can actually look forward to it.
3 cheers for sajccb

-artified by d e b b i e-

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