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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Friday, April 28, 2006

sajc band

hey band.

how i wish your snrs are with me in the sch, seeing u guys practicing hard for e concert. yeah i miss them alot too.

i jus wanna tell u guys(j1s and j2s and dorcas eddy red) tt im so proud of all of u. tt feeling came to me when the j2s were pract When Angels Weep with benji. my heart was literally weeping. i was looking ard, seeing everyone even though they're tired they tried to play e best of every note. i could see their dedication and sincerity towards their playing. and Peace, u r good ok? haha. i also got this sad feeling tt my jnrs(j2s) are stepping down in a wks time. i wonder how did they felt... i could feel that pinch and dread and of cox it reminded me of my batch. damn sad.

to j2s. keep working more wk den concert over le. time really flies eh? i could still rmb the day when u little kids coming for our first pract with us. haha. julius, nic, moses were one of the first few and witnessed the eruption of our dear Sala. haha. followed by eugene and mal and e rest. from then, batch 2005/2006 is born. haha im like your big kor kor, watching u guys grow from j1 to now. i feel so old now man. haha. so all of u, im sure u all have something to prove on 5/5 eh?

to j1s. tell me how u would feel when e j2s step down after e concert. i felt e emptiness when my j2s left. im sure eugene's batch would agree with me. u guys? rmb i told e band tt banding in sajcband is not about playing music but working with other ppl? for the next few months till your jnrs come in next year, u will know wat i mean. anyway, welcome to sajcband. how late can tt be eh? haha. i really hope u would appreciate wat your snrs have done and e band can offer u. very soon u all will be e leaders for e band and i hope all of u guys will work hard, play harder and cry hardest together. remember band is all about team work eh. =) eh... when u see me in sch, say hi ok? i feel lonely in school do u know tt? haha. sit with me during your breaks ok? my name is kok hoe. wahaha.

lastly to fellow j3s. finally banding is gonna end for u guys eh? haha thank u all for looking after e band man. rmb your IC no. starts with S87 ok? haha. study hard ok? dun waste OUR third year in sch. especially u addison. ROGER ARNOLDS will be your best friend after e concert. haha.

so everyone, 5/5 will be your special night. it is your night. your effort definitely worth thousand times more den tt 6 bucks. be proud of yourselves ppl. so continue to work hard k. 1 more wk only. REST WELL!!! EAT WELL!!! PRACTICE WELL!!!

alrite. cya in school. haha.


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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


hie bandits. and to those who are not band members and are still reading this, hi~

it feels so....nostalgic when i was with jie today buying our army stuff. talking abt the great times we had in our 2 yrs. one wif benji's batch and one the current j2 batch. oh my, how time flies.... wed and thurs, thts all the time the remaining guys have left before they step into tekong. jie and deon.!~ kudos for lasting this long. buying army tshirt and singlet and the shorts, oh NOEEEESSSSSSSSSS....... no more pink ic wortzzzz....i feel damn sad lehzzzz.... (pardon me for the zzzz, hazelnut surong influence me to put those in)

anyway, i think it has been a wonderful and i really mean truly one of a kind experience wif each and every one tht has pass by my life in sajc band. esp my batch. im so grateful for having such a interesting batch. so many fun experiences. the soccer the non stop squabbling with mr peh and ms ho and of course sometimes within our own batchmates. the rollercoaster ride we had experience, from the transfering of andre addi kumar and myself to the challgenging for top band. i can firmly say tht this had been a experience that can nvr be written off by anyone. i felt tht my batch was so much more than just a passing band batch tht comes and goes. it has been more like a mini family, a home tht u could turn to with all the damn homework and A level stuff stressing u out. ( i so love u guys wortzzzzz)

well thts not really my point butttttt...... j2s now, u too can turn to ur batch, turn to each other and say 'hey, thanks for giving me such 'power pack' experience' . concerts are coming up, preps for it will make ur more busy and stuff....but hey ure all the very batch of sajc band. and i believe when i book out for the first time returning to potong pasir ave 1 for the upcoming concert, i will be like....WOW. i believe cos this is THE sajcband, there's so much more than just notes coming out of ur instruments but the non stop goosebump feeling. cya there on the concert day.


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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Being A Responsible Band Member

Tickets for the band concert were given out on Wednesday 12/4/06 and just mere 1 day after that, i began to receive ticket orders in Bouts. Kok just ordered 30 tix , my friend just called for 20 tix reservation AT least, peace wanted 25 more and there are more to come.

However, i'm having 2 conflicting emotions : Happy and worried. I'm extremely happy that the band tickets are so high in demand, that reflects on our popularity. On the other hand , worried about the progression of the band in preparation for the concert.

Let me give you an update: 20 more days to concert. And we haven touch Satchmo, played animation medley 3 times only, have not played Arsenal in 2 months ?,All those endearing young charms (Only during full band with Mr GLosz; thrice ), AND an encore piece not yet decided and played . Costumes and gimmick preparation are still not finalised !!! Now, people, are yyou getting the jitters ?

People, We must be RESPONSIBLE & ACCOUNTABLE for each and every ticket we sell. For every ticket we sell, we are ensuring the buyer the quality of our performance. We must live up to our reputation of Gold With Honours Band. By giving a substandard performance, it is as good as cheating their money. What would have become of SAJCCB then?

Be a responsible performer and a band member. Do your part by doing your individuals and know your parts WELL. I know of some jc 1s who are unprepared please do something. This concert is for the jc1s Perth trip, not for the jc2s. It's you all who should be more enthu about it.

JC 2, remember presentation night when we witness standing ovation from every single one in the Esplanade theatre? The glorious night, we had. Will this happen again?


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sajc band


How its going. Long time no see. Hope the j2s will go out with a bang and the j1s will pick up fast. Have fun while I enlist! Haha.


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Monday, April 10, 2006


jus to update on batch 87 guys.

our warriors have embarked on their quest to serve and protect the nation. the following warriors are honoured.

CLARINET- Shuan Yuan, Timo.
FLUTE- Stuart Lee
SAX- Melvyn
CORNET- Sala, Jason(lastest victim)
TUBA- Andre

Soon to come... Yaofeng, Jie and Deon.

dear j2s, send them a sms to say hello ok? haha. keep working hard for e concert!


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Sunday, April 09, 2006

i've uploaded my orientation photos!

you guys can either add on or just post your links here i guess..
but that account's username and password are both sajcband.
update already inform okay!


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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Band Life

hey fellow bandies! its been a long long long long time since ive come onto the band blog! haha. cause i suddenly felt the want again. everything is coming to me, or even more. well... basically most of us have at least 2 band lives. one in secondary school and the other right here in SAJCBAND. of course some may come from primary school bands or they have SYO,SWS etc. the point is... i thought i had lost it all for band. thinking that maybe four years of band is way way too much for me already. BUT, i now know its not over yet. and it wont be... GUYS (and gals)!!! my fellow batchmates!! let's leave SAJCBAND with a mighty huge BANG!!!not only for the 2 concerts or the year but in everything we do together! for a very long time i felt that im merely an appeal student to the band and that i dont see the point in reaching out to all you band members out there... i cant see SAJCBAND members as FAMILY. to me band was just a CCA. not any more kids! i know that this band may not be all that wholesome and "fresh", "tasty" but yeah, we are one batch!! this is what we are!! i hope whatever im typing makes sense to all of you! its just that, why do we stop super enthu stuff like SINGING our butts out loud in the cafe. even tho it may jus be something small but it shows alot actually. think bout kids. haha. maybe this will only concern me but, i now believe and understand the phrase, "band of brothers and sisters"... one band, one sound, one voice... you know what i mean? i really hope so man. just that we GOTTA work as ONE. ONE BAND!! it should not be the three leaders thinking of ideas and solns or a group of bandies thinking of stuff and choices for the rest of the band to choose from BUT all of us crack our heads together and THINK! that way... we wont really have much objections to decision/choices made by a FEW bandies. get what i mean... i believe everyone of us in the band would wanna work and have a say in everything the band is doing/gonna do. so YEAH!!! fuck... i think you guys most probably wont understand but aiyah... nvm. BAND LIFE is ... ... ...anyway right now... lets all work towards an awesome concert on the 6th of MAY yeah?? hahhaha. FULL HOUSE BABY!!! we better make sure the audience asks for 10000000000 encores!!! hahahhahaa.. then we will play till our lips tear!! hahaha. CHEERS SAJC BANDIES!!

- juls

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

orientation 'o6 @ sentosa

hoped everyone had tons of fun...

thank you j1s for being so participative,
thank you j2s for being cooperative,
thank you MS HO for being you. concerned, fun-loving, supportive, etc etc.

three cheers for the planners.. i dont know exactly who.. so anyone can just edit this: reagan, lilian, red, hubert

to those injured, nic, janice and vincent, take good care!

till next year's orientation..
rest well ppl. =)

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