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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


hey people just helping my hc friend publicize her concert here..

it's a christmas concert called Noel
17th december at hc audi, tickets are $5..
all proceeds go toward the spastic children association

and.. aj will be the guest band there..
those interested contact jojo asap k? thanks =)

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Monday, November 28, 2005


updates on mr glosz's website.

enjoy! =D


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Sunday, November 27, 2005

sajc band

near costa sands resort.

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JC2 Chalet

Alright, tml people buying food meet at 1p.m at Bedok Station. Things to get will be confirmed by Sala and Marcus at the station itself. If you have things like tongs, trays and etcetc, just tell Sala or Marcus soon. Like now.

If you wanna, you can follow Deon and Liang Shi to Aloha Loyang itself, we will be opening the place around 3p.m. Contact us tml for details of the place. But you should know how to go down. Only the chalet number is not confirmed.

Entertainment stuff like balls and mahjong etc will be brought by Stuart and Huimin, if you have other stuff dont hesitate ya.

Its one night only and 2 days. Please bring like $10 each and more for the chalet paid to Deon and Sala, and extra cash for other entertainment stuff like arcade and bowling etc. Remember safety first.

Btw band girls, Deonny has booked your Copthorne Room. Its a $145, so pay up pay up. Its already 50% off.

Cheekydeon signs off. BABY!

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adding on to angeline....

YES angeline u finally brought up the matter of money and funds and etc up.

i want to add on, that in actual fact, what we all paid for various informal non-band-related events like chalet, parties etc and even in formal band-related events like camp, is NOT ENOUGH to cover the costs. yes, though i admit to a certain extent that mostly for those times, its cos funds were not handled well. but it is also cos last min stuff need to be bought, ppl last min when all costs were calculated and all were told to pay how much how much den tell the organisers they bought stuff too and want to claim back the money. or, worse, and yes it happened before, some people simply refuses to pay up with weak reasons and even after the amount they have to pay is halved.

in the end, the organisers end up paying alot of money themselves. and what do they get? people complaining that food not nice, too unglam, too expensive, etc etc. not even a thanks la sometimes. but to organise events, the organisers have full knowledge that these will happen, that short-change and discontents will happen n occur, that they will end up paying from their own pockets and have people complaining and all. but still we dun mind doing that, as long as there are still people who enjoy these activities..

so what i'm trying to say is that, next time there are payments to be collected, please just cooperate and pay on time la.. its the least u can do if you are not the one rushing around to get things done, get the neccessary stuff and all.. yeah?


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From The Loan shark of the Band:

Hey guys, i've been wondering for quite some time. You know there are sometimes when i would just speak to the band regarding the spending of the band fund? Yea...i think that , alone, is not enough cos there 'll still be people who'll just forget and the next month....the whining starts ALL OVER again.

Well, i cant blame you all, i will not. I mean, if i'm one of you all, and throughout the whole month , you can(a) see Angeline walking around collecting money from people. OR ,(b) have diff people collecting money for band camp/band chalet/band fund. All in all, they are still collecting money from me right??

Lets address symptom (a):
You know, every begining of the month, it's band fund collection period? Yea, so the first week of the month, i'll go round reminding section leaders to collect money.
In the 2nd week, 45% of the band still haven paid up. i go round reminding and pestering.
Soon,the 3rd week is here! by then 90% of the band paid up , left those hard core ( like "blue's friend" and "orange____") who conviently forget to bring and they enjoy torturing me, forcing me to chase them all over the place and tag their sleeves until it becomes long sleeved shirts and they just LOVE to hear me pester and nag and nag and nag......
Finally, last week of the month 100% paid up and a few days later.......IT'S THE BEGINING OF THE MONTH AGAIN~!!! WOW~!!! so the cycle carries on and on and on and on and on.....

Now you know why i seemed to be asking for money every time you see me right? Yea, that's the moral of story (a) is......PAY UP YOUR BAND FUND AT THE 1ST WEEK OF THE MONTH AND YOU'LL NOT HEAR ME ASKING FOR MONEY FOR THE REMAINING 3 WEEKS~!!!!

Okay, lets move on to symptom (b):
Especially during the months where there are many events. For instances, November.
Chalet, band camp, tune in.....blah blah . you know, everytime you go out with your friends, you'll spend more then you stayed at home? yea, same logic. The more events, the more$ needed. Band camp and chalet, i'm not incharge, That's welfare.
Band tune in, i'm in charge of the food. You know why ? Cos being in charge of the food, i'm able to have full control of the majority money spent on tune-in, in other words, i can budget well. In this case, we prepared food for 100 people. We spent approximately $120 on the food and cutlery (drinks sponsered by Mr david gloze) . In other words, each person will only need to pay $1.20 for the food. HEY, THAT'S A BARGAIN HOR, if you order catering, each person would need at least $5, which means....?$500 okay...We , the JURONG GIRLS GANG bought every thjing and cooked them, display them nicely on trays and slice them know, carrying $100 of food is heavy? and ......STANDING IN THE KITCHEN FRYING NUGGETS AND WEDGES AND CURRY PUFFS IS NO JOKE!!! YOU'LL BE A LIVING OILYMAN AFTER 2 HOURS.....AND BAKING TILL MIDNIGHT IS NOT EXACTLY SIMPLE TOO....EVERYTHING SMELLS OF COOKIES EVEN AFTER 6 HOURS~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, yar. Then as you all know , i'm very stingy with the band fund. Like during the open house, doing the posters. I insisted on using only 90 cents venguard sheets and not those hard hard plastic based black board. why?? okay, lets calculate...the nice glam black plastic board costs~~ $3 and the vanguard sheet $0.90. We used a total of more then 20 of them; lets make it 25. $3 - $0.90 times 25..... WE SAVED MORE THEN $52.50 !!!! AND THAT IS $1.12 EACH PERSON!!!

So the moral of the story is, bit by bit save= a lot....(chinese proverb) .

Okay, we'll practise transparency here. lets see....$3 per month band fund. Let me do a rough breakdown.

Total band memebers: 47
Total band fund collected per month (full strength): $141.
Stuff claimed from the band fund: Miscellious, = trash bags, batteries (very expensive okay, we spent $13++ on batt alone this month), stationary, air frenshener, loan to pay for scores ( thats a lot lar....) OK. SUMMARY: things not related to band music. EVERYTHING EXCEPT TUNNERS, STANDS, METRONOMES, INSTRUMENTS AND THEIR INGREDIANTS.

Hm.mmmmm and you think $141 is enough for a active band of 47 for a month? Try going for shopping spree with $141 and survive for a month.

Okay, those who think fast. till now,
Question will be: Since you say we only have $141 a month, you spent $120++ on food for tune you have no money now lar?
Ans: Bingo!! yea...we busted the tiny cash box. Usually, when we are broke, we'll just ask for allowence in advance, but for the band....We'll wait for the begining of the month...

Well, it is kinda different managing secondary sch band and a jc band. In the past if someone refuses to pay up, after the 3rd time, i'll just add interest. The record i have is $15 on top of the band fund. And, i'm able to have a minimum saving for the band of $300 in case of rainy days and camp month. So instead of collecting $15 at one go, they only have to pay like $5 for their band camp? Ya

SAJCCB is dfferent. So many funny funny events. Band dinner lar, tune in lar, open house lar (sec sch open house is very very cheap) and parties.... as i said, each event needs money to operate. So in the end, i only can "yan zheng zzheng" just look at the cash in the box depletate as the days goes by. The funny thing about this band is, not a lot of thing is included in the sch band budget. You know, we paid the band dinner deco and stuff all by ourselves? All the events are not sponsered at all... And guess wad? Julius is considering to buy a vaccum cleaner and.....the school will not pay for it...Now, the analogy for this is: Imagine going out with your family and you have to pay for your own meals /bus fare/shopping.....Yea...that's the case

Well, the events for december is kinda interesting, and not to mention, money consuming. Christmas is here, new year is here. There 'll be parties and fun laughter peace and joy. In the mist of that, a loan shark is calculating and try all ways and means to cut costs , she is a mean and stingy loanshark...muhahaha *evil laugh*

Just bear that, this loan shark also have to pay what you all are paying. AND...WE NEED TO BUY A VACCUM CLEANER AT THE COSTS OF $80+++

In other words, Please prepare December / christmas band fund of $4.50.

**Pls: And if you take taxi because you are late for band, no claims. Serve you right.
And people like : Addison (owes band $4) , Julius (owes band $1.50) ....i want the cash asap or you 'll get it from me *evil grin* (hm.mmm how about whining?)

Thank You for having the patience to read through this lengthy essay.

Have a nice day,

Scary & Horrible Loanshark : -+= A n G e L i N e =+-

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Thank you

Thank you the Jurong Girls Gang comprising of Maddy, Marie, Shuzk Meng and Me (alphabetical order) for helping out with the food.

Thanks Maddy for providing the frying venue and helping me carry the raw materials all the way back to your house.

Thanks Shuzk for the photo taking when i'm all sweaty and oily .... Those are memorable

Thanks Marie for....Eating those cakes which we cant fit them on the tray and "finishing" those undesirable and ugly slices. Your sacrifice is worth it and appreciated. =)

As what Maddy said, we can start out a catering service by ourselves already. We are so professional!!! But this time, please buy a fryer...i think all the oil has diffused through my skin....ewww


-+= A n G e L i N e =+-

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Friday, November 25, 2005


great effort everyone. i was a little flustered and worried in the beginning coz everything was messy and there were very few sec 4s, but everything worked out in the end. nice. sooo many sec 4s, and everything went smoothly. really glad la. like if this had failed then i'm soo dead to the max man... all the spirits of past saints would be after my neck la. *phew*

so, must thank a few ppl: susan, for being soo nice to co-plan wif me; addi & xiuz, the games ppl; all the group leaders + station masters; angeline, shzuk, mad, marie (all the west ppl) for the food; music ppl like koi, andrew & nich for planning the music aspect, cheuk & eugene for being so supportive; all the teachers for being so facilitating with our requests; the band for all e effort.

ok, we hav had a real good start, so please don waste it ppl. sms or call all who came to remind them abt joining as over the hols to practice, and update them on perfs to get them exposed to the band. they seem like a nice bunch. furthermore this is the batch to lead in e next competition la, so must do a good job or else the onus is on us if there isnt a good batch. u noe wad i mean...

btw, post up you're pics of the band camp and tune-in to spice up our blog kz.


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check this out!

i think we ought to link this :X

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Thursday, November 24, 2005


heys..i want to thank the ppl who gave me the "best camper" award(: [heard from cheuk that the VIP thingy is really expensive]I will take good care of it!yups..although moses koi claims I stole his award..hhehe..but...yups..Thank You(:


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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


ok. so the attire for tune-in is band tee with jeans. clarinets & flutes report direct to sav, everyone else report to sajc. by 11am (bus leaves sajc at 1130am). call all the sec 4s u can think of. attire for them: band/sch tee wif school bottoms (preferably smthin comfortable), if possible bring instrument, sign in with security guard at the entrance, how to get to sav (check webbie). tune-in starts at 1pm, come early to make things easier.

everyone is advised to be warm and welcoming, amiable etc...

program: - performance
- sec 4s join to play
- tea and section ice-breakers
- games
- presentation and Q & A
530pm ~ END ~

bus leaves sav for sajc at 545. all return to replace instruments.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

sajc band

Jing Yan's water is really really tasty hahaha i donno why...hahaha

Thank You dude:)

MOtherly MO

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Friday, November 18, 2005

band chalet! ... !

ok... just got back from chalet.

i was a nice time we had huh... in changi. jin yan with his milkshake song, and all the lee wei song school of music ppl singing for us. and ting ma too.

personally, had a chance to relax.
nice nice.

so thanks jun jie for the work put in. really guys he did much, addi for the stuff he did too. and all the food ppl, moses, jeremy, dorcas, ... aiya so many ppl around the bbq pit... wadever la thanks ok.


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Thursday, November 17, 2005

sajc band

sorry...reporting time for tmr's match has been changed to 2pm....1400hrs...pls don be late... pls pls pls....for tmr, the match holds priority over all band events, sectionals or individuals or slp...thanks...
pls pls pls pls....
pls pls pls pls pls....

thank you....

MOtherly MO(catching fire soon)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

sajc band

alright.. SAjccb J1s....... ur debut match is only in about a a few hours...

i intend that Band Vs council thing this be some kind of annual thing, a tradition? yea...

its full field, about 40 or 45 min each half...starts at 3pm...pls report by 2.30, we'll be warming up together and giving out instructions...

on the field, if i shout at you, its not cos i think you're stupid or whatever, i just don wana leak forgive me in advance kk...and also, i'll ony put ppl in the position which i can trust them even if u are not good, but u show attitude and concentration, u get to keep ur position...when i assign ppl to take charge of a particular line of midfield or defence, pls pls listen to them...whether we do well or not is not only dependent on a few players...its the whole team, we need to compliment each other to cover up for each other's weaknesses and also fully use each other's potential...

to me, pride and honour are at stake...we beat the council 12-2 last yr. though a goal is a goal but one of the goal by the council was a silly goal and one was a penalty for handball?

(a little of my thoughts)
honestly i'm not at all assured that you guys can pull a miracle and be disciplined and play with attitude and brains...
tt's why the college T and black shorts and white socks...initial plan was nich wanted u guys to go borrow ur seniors black jersey...but i did not like tt idea, i felt tt u guys would not do it and u din deserve batch earned every single success k, be it ourselves or with Mr Glosz or the teachers or even with u all...but we EARNED it, we worked/bled/perspired/cried/fought for it... we thrash the councils before we even made our own jerseys...i already got the contacts of the jersey guy and everything is almost in place le...but i jus don see the need to make after all...what are the chances that u would cherish this shirt, what are the chances that you would even stand together as a team again and confront the opponent...respect needs to be earned as batch did it, together... i myself not only respect my own batch ppl as a whole but individually as well...but not with this batch,as a whole, no way are you near at all but individually,well done. many individuals can impress but few as a whole would catch ur attention and cause u to submit ur respect to them...

i'll be giving the cocky shit council my legs and lungs...its up to u if u wana stack them up on top of mine as well... :) enjoy the chalet tmr!! :) heh no chance at all to get drunk le...haha dont want to also well, drink water, take ur whatever pills, slp well, eat well, no sex, erm... but can practise instrument la...hahaha...tgc...

MOtherly MO...(having a little bad throat:P)

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happy birthday julius!

its been a long time since we sang you a birthday song!

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to JULIUS
happy birthday to you!

oh to sidetrack, i'm sorry for being short tempered lately. VERY short tempered.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

band! chalet! ... !!

how to get there.... very impt info sial.

By car/taxi:

If you're coming from the north, take SLE/TPE, and exit to Loyang Ave (towards Changi Village). *Go along Loyang Ave (it's quite a long and windy route) and turn left into Cranwell Road. Our chalets are sprouted along Cranwell, Gosport, Andover, Leuchars, Catterick, Netheravon, Halton, Sealand and Biggin Hill Roads. You can check out our map to see where your chalet is located and follow the routes laid out there.

If you're coming from the west, you can either take AYE/ECP or PIE to TPE/SLE, and exit to Loyang Ave (towards Changi Village). The rest is similar to above directions.

By train/bus

Take the east bound train to Tampines MRT station. From there, you can take Bus 29. You can check our map to see where you should alight, depending on where your chalet is located.

Map (if you can see)

our chalet is (as on the map) CH H. for those who cant meet to go together(timing will be given on wed, place is tampines), u can take bus 29 and then alight at the stop before the reception. when u reach the area which is full of chalets and bungalows, keep ur eyes to the right, and when u see and passed Old Changi Hospital(the old old haunted one) which is on the right side, atop a hill actually, u can press the bell and stop le, and proceed to find Chalet H. the whole bus journey will take abt 20-30 min. oh even if u miss that stop, u can walk to the chalet la from other stops.. abt max 5 min walk between stops only. however if u alight at another area den different story la. the road at the chalet is call NETHERAVON ROAD. so before u alight take a look at the bus stop which will have a road sign on it k.
just click here for link to aloha resorts webbie... we're at aloha changi ah...
or click here for link to map...

so... sections can plan to go together or somethin... it's a really nice place...

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alright this entry is kinda late...late as in i'm typing it at 0012hrs and also its been more than 24hrs since our ice breaker for soccer, i wont call it a training...

yup Thank you to
Goalkeepers-Andrew and Daniel
Attackers-Hubert,Jeremy,Louis,Moses Tan and Nicholas
Defenders-Joo Yeow,Tommy and shane...who turned up...Thank you...

as for the ben, red and cheuk, nvm la u had ur reasons :)

yup it was not exactly well planned i admit and we did not have the proper equipment, only ball and goalposts and ppl...but i'm sure we can still improve our game...ur seniors have done it so its not impossible, yea...
lets jus continue to take a step higher with saturday's activities as our first step up the ascending flight of stairs yup...

so while u are all at home stoning and studying and whatever la, pls pls go do some running, skipping, cycling, or swimming, anything tt can help improve ur stamina, so that future trainings can be fruitful and we'll still be able to stay alert throughout the 45min or more...yup...

as for those without soccer boots, i don't have a solution for u...but come find me kk then we'll talk abt it...

soooo Gilman FC, prepare to say hello to Eugene as he joins us for our "playing ball" this sat :)

frm now on, training will be known as playing ball...ha...

MOtherly MO........

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"The Philharmonic Winds Goes Pops!
Sunday 4 December 2005 , 7.30 pm
Esplanade Concert Hall
Tickets : $15 and $18 (prices exclude $1 Sistic fee)

We are pleased to announce that schools (secondary schools and junior colleges) can claim up to 60% of the ticket price through the Tote Board Arts Grant. This is applicable only to tickets for the $15 tickets. That makes it an extremely affordable $7 (including Sistic fee) – the price of a movie ticket on a weekday. We will provide your school with a letter from the National Arts Council which can be used for the claims.

Please contact my colleague Daniel at 9649-3226 or email us at for details and tickets. Tickets are also available from Sistic (tel: 6348-5555 or visit Join us for a relaxing evening of familiar popular music!"


oh before that there's the change or guards at istana too... its at 530pm heeren.
i'm erm. desperately looking for someone to go with.......

anyone free?? PLEASEEEE???

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

band! chalet! ... !!

shockzzzz party man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok everyone... band chalet on 17th. thursday. (the day after we hand in all our PW stuff!)
so, it'll be a fun day for us to hang out, chill out, stone out, black out.... wadever u want ;]
stay over too. (addi has promised not to puke. if he does we'll just throw him out into the garden to fend fer himself. |",| )

it's at aloha changi, quite big so those wif crowd phobia can breath a sigh of relief. and don worry abt the distance k, can taxi pool or meet then take bus/train/bus & train together... yups, it's just a happy day for the happy band to get together... with good food, play cards/mahjong, enjoy each others company *wink wink*...

so the organizers will expect everyone to come ya. it's gonna be a blast!!
like an electric shock! (pun intended)

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Friday, November 11, 2005

time for some kicking of balls...yea as in balls and balls...ha

alright...since the match against the councillors is coming up, we really need to do some running and play do some set pieces together, get to know each other's playing styles and all yup so as not to be a flop on that day yea? :)

oh well if it really turns out to be a flop i think its alright la, u jus stain ur own batch name. but sadly the band's name would be drag along...then when schl starts ppl will probably get to know all abt it hahaha cool...

but dont worry la there's always the core of the GFC( the j2s) who would come save the day in the second half hahaha sweeeeeeeet:)

look like there's not much new blood being injected into the sad... haha j2s, sorry man no "cosmetic surgery" for u haha you're jus gona look older and older hahaha

oh well i'm confident tt things would work out fine if the attitude works out fine alright alright neeeeeeeeext......

kk guys that we assume that can/want to play in this match are
Joo Yeow
Moses Tan
and of course we would be inviting Kumzy to join us as the J1 batch as well :)

if i miss out anyone out there who would like to be part of this, be it violently or jus wana have fun pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
inform me, by sms, e-mail, face to face or any other way kk?? pls kk don be shy...or maybe u think i'm such a jerk don even wana inform me then jus come la kk come for the practices...

practices will be informed thru this band blog and maybe 'sms' if i feel like it...or if some kind souls out there would like to remind you about come here and check it out ok??
we'll try to put the notice up and maybe what we are doing about 3days before the actual day kk??

oh man i think we sound like some amateur football team...hahaha
but aii its jus being enthu only la haha chill chill....

kk this sat we will have running,captain's ball?street soccer? haha and kick the ball around if we get to book the schl field... yup...

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Thursday, November 10, 2005


okay my comp a bit lousy. cannot tilt the "sajc band"..
nevertheless, here's to us!
oh i'm sorry if you cant see yourself. i cant really control it.
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Monday, November 07, 2005

hey j2s!

not sure if its started or not.. i only know there's a paper tmr...

it'll soon be over!


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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Its been a while

Hey ppl. its been a while seen i last blogged, a really really long while i guess
I know the band's going through a really rough patch now and things aren't looking really bright. Do not fret, its not anything unusual, every batch goes through rough patches, its just how rough it is and what kinda troubles it'll give you.

So people, dun give up, fight on n solve the problems be it big or small that comes by. It is these problems that gives the batch its unique features and makes the batch special. it is because of these troubles that bond members. At the end of the day, you all will find it worthwhile because you have put in so much effort and when the music plays, it plays out all your hardwork memories and nothing beats that feeling. So press on. Rmb.the harder the fight,the sweeter the victory.

The most important thing is, you are all in this TOGETHER, and thats the sweetest thing of all. when in your life will you be able to go through this kinda troubles with some many ppl fighting alongside with with the same cause? almost never. so EVERYONE make use of this chance and speak up and stand up for what you think is good for the band and how problems can be solved. TALK IT OUT. You fight together, you will reaped the fruits TOGETHER too.

Make SAJCCB life a life that others envy, a life that you would want to live over and over again.


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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

19A wareham rd

yipee,my first post!
yesterday was the best party I've ever had!

Big thank you to:
eugene for opening his hse
jojo,junjie,addi n tommy for planning this event
angeline n andrew for the delicious food,yummy
shuzk,peace n wenmin for the wonderful desserts
lilian for opening the gate for me
the stayovers!violet n eugene,J n J,tommy n marie,julius,red,reagen,addi,janice,xiuli,junjie,cheuk,nich
shane,moses tan n koi for being greedy pigs that made me laugh a little too much
the guys who help to set up the fire
u know who who made the night a little too eventful
n lastly everyone that came!

anyways,I really enjoyed the party!all the nice food,great bunch of ppl n cool movies.nothing more that i would ask for! The place was filled with laughter n joy..haha.Although those who stayed over did not really catch much sleep but it was an exciting night rights? for more details..go ask...haha.yippe,i'll try to post the pics soon! I love sajc band(:


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hey people who stayed till the end at eugene's house, at wareham road house no19a

hope u enjoyed ur breakfast...that's so much i can do to repay ur hard work for the night :)

THANK YOU once again and also my apologies for last night....


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