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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

party tml!~

hey yo people! tml(monday 31/10) party and stayover at eugene's house!

for those having paper in the morning, meet at band table after tat.. for those without paper, meet at 1pm at paya lebar mrt! if u are unable to make it at either time, pls call me or jojo or addi or eugene for directions! bring along any nice VCDs or DVDs u have to watch too!

yupz, hope to see everyone there!! cya!!~


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more photos from sentosa!

all of us except tommy! (who was in the toilet. heh.)
the lovebirds having fun in the water. (:
marie: tommy help! they bully me! bury my legs in sand!
bel thinks: hmm.. we can get you out using some maths formula..
van: bury my legs too so SOMEONE can come save me...

(i'm just really bored..)
looking forward to the haloween party!

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sentosa outing on friday

courtesy of xiuli (:

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To mAke MemOrIesZ

10 months, that is all the time we have left to in sajc concert band. Are we going to cherish it or let it pass ever so quickly that we will have to regret in the future. Regret those little moments which could have changed your whole life, moments which will make u walk back to the old sajc band room to say HI to juniors whom u have never seen before or touch that seasoned tuba u once played back in junior college. In the years to come, I would want to come back and visit the sajc bandroom where i shared a sweet memories together with my bandmates in the years 2005-2006. I would also want to tear for my departure from sajccb next year. Will you?


i love the band.
Do You???

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Cheuk Yin

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

long time no blog

1 more plus wk to A levels. it sux totally.

as im muggin thru for examz, im constantly updated on watz happening in band. i cant help it but to worry for u guys. many ppl said tt we all came from diff band cultures or even have diff distinct personalities. but within tt 1 yrs plus we are together, we feel for each other.(ask the j2s.) i mean, how e hell did we from total strangers to somebody we can depend upon and call each other brothers and sisters within such a short time? e answer? e quality time we spent.

another entry of encouragement?

why not since firstly we help each other and secondly i care.

up till now, many things would have happened in band. some ppl might have left us, some others jus disappear. and many other probz jus keep buggin the hell out of us. irritated? discouraged?
so how? face and tackle down all e challenges as one band.

have faith, have hope, and we must trust each other tt we would always do our best to upkeep the name of sajcband. i jus wan to encourage u guys to strive for better music making and of coz friendship. we could not have make it to the presentation night without each others' encouragements and supports. so work hard and may your band journey from now till u step down fulfill your passion for music and would enrich your lives.

make your band life in sajc a memorable and unforgettable one. i did.

kok hoe.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sajc band

ook...this entry is to
since u like being anonymous, so there....
specifically the 5th entry below this entry...

sorry for being so slow but i finally got back my internet connection jus yesterday...
i know we should not bother abt him/her as some of you have said but what he/she has blogged about is seriously bullshit and a disgrace that it has appeared on the band blog, i seriously hope he is not any band member of ours...
it has no right or wrong to things, everything seems acceptable to him/her, it depends....

oooh this weird stuff about ppl being worried for others result and all..what crap...if you seriously care for them, would u not want to make the band pract gd for them? make it fun? heart warming?? huh?? what that not something simple to get over with!?you'll have tons of time to show that lousy face expression when u sit down and talk to him/her when the time is right...yea! when the time is don show ur shitty sad self during BAND PRACT!? its band pract!! time for work and time for play!

we have different upbringing...yes that is true but that is no excuse for disclaiming any responsibility... 40odd other ppl sitting in the band room, sacrificing their time and what they did is jus a total disrespect. they are saying that their time needs to be fully utilized, i can't waste it on something like a band pract. So, i suppose that the 40odd others time is of a lower kind of standard compared to yours huh...why do we need the 3leader's charisma to talk them out of it, the 40odd ppl sitting in the band room is more than enough to give u a damn gd reason to come for band pract instead. anyway, its jus, dota....

firstly ppl who are idealistic out there, continue to be, that is what gives you the competitive edge and that is what makes SAjccb no ordinary band... yea so lets be realistic on this dota thing...for ur information, its jus DOTA....its not some major event, some milestone or something so being realistic, is that not something which can be forgone instead of straining ties between ur frens?
for ur info, the time when u are able to sit down with ur batch mates and make music comes only once and it would never be the same again...ask ur seniors abt that and they'll sob while telling u all abt it...

oh sooo "some of us haven't grown outta secondary school yet" huh... so the mature ones WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!????? hey sajccb wana form a search party to find out who are they??? cos don't u think that these are the ppl who can lead the band best?? they can help the IMMATURE dudes and babes to look at things frm THEIR view..soo we need them!!!
ha! balls to u man mature ppl in our band!? THEN TAKE THE F****** STEP OUT AND SAY SOMETHING AND LEAD THE BAND, INSPIRE THEM!!

leave out the old birds man, spare our weak heart to handle such shit frm this '88 batch, it is ur '88 batch, our batch time is over,
we're jus being a subset of u, cos we're still the SAjccb...

no idea can be called immature, its jus how u execute the idea, the way you bring forth the idea to the people...

but yes i'm glad u mentioned the low level way of handling problems and attitude towards things...and yes it will all affect the band, it will too affect the next generation, cos what u show would be what attracts the new batch of J1s. so if u babes and dudes continue to be like that, u attract a much worst or equally bad group of ppl in the tune in and cca day... :)

oooh don give me the shit that cos we are brought up in sheltered environment ppl think less and tell me, is the growth of singapore going down?? if its not then what gives u the right to say that being brought up in sheltered environment makes ppl think less?? if growing up in a sheltered environment makes us deprive of simple reasoning and simple logic such as "so many ppl are expecting me, i should not let them down" then why don't u just say that we should all go and die???

and if we always wait till things die down before we assess ourselves that something is wrong i think we should also jus go die la...SAjccb does not wait till we settle our outside lives before we settle the band's problems...
in band, we only do the band stuff, we don let the troubles outside into the band...and so, when we have a prob, we solve it, we negotiate with the teachers, the band talk to the leaders in that very period of time, we dont wait till promos is over, we don wait till what what test whatever is over... the schl song goes, time is running fast away, life is now today today...we settle the band probs even if our lives outside is bloody hectic... don like the way its done? leave, that's if u are a SAjccb family member...
but yes, '88 batch ppl do think about ur time that has since passed...seriously...what u do now will determine the feel in your heart at the end of nxt yr when u step down...

oh you have not said a lot, u jus flooded the blog with shit tt's all...yea but no worries, we have the MOtherly MO here to clean it up for u, like u said, there's bound to be someone to clean up e shit fer em. :)

oh if things are not that bad so why all these shit from u man...and it is alaways tt bad to begin with why? cos we are not perfect, we have to handle our's what builds character and understanding yourself...

oh one last thing anonymous, if you have the balls, come reason it out infront of the band room, come talk to the leaders mand come talk to me, don give such shit entries and make our band blog smell....find some balls and show that u are mature as you have claimed...
try ikea man, they sell nice meatballs... :)

ha! get lost man...urs urs, MOtherly MO :)

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Monday, October 24, 2005



No Kumar,Addi, Yf, Liang and Me to call you and ji siao you this year.

But Happy BD!

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

hi guys!

i think Eef totally rawks.
hahahah fine this is such a random post. But he really does know how to lighten the mood in his funny usual anticlimax manner.
anyway all the best to all you PW-ers out there... just a few more days and it'll be overrrrr.
looking forward to the food fest tmr. =)
1 more min before cheryl's birthday officially ends so I shall cut the crap and post this now. ^^
but not before I add this. Pleaseee not the uniform party. I don't wanna come in RV uniform and look gross and nurse-y. please nonono. i thought the horrors of RV was over. =S hahah.

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food IS a global language among people!

hey people!

there's a food fest tomorrow at peace's house, anyone interested can join in, i mean only those from band and not anonymous people tagging lah. it'll be after school, so we aren't ponning school. those going to school tomorrow, meet at band table at 1245pm, and those who wants to go there directly, meet at bedok mrt at 1.30pm. yep, angeline and andrew will be cooking so no worries if you wanna be a tai tai. but you can cook if you wan also! yep, and even if you are busy, you can come later, we'll be ending around 6pm like that. plan is so flexible so just come and have some fun lah. it's time for us to be chirpy and happy again and let's boost our morale or something like that! any problems try to contact me! sorrie, this is kindda last minute, but try to pass message around, the more the merrier! bu jian bu san!

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sha la la la la

ok ppl. let moi tell u smthin.

i realli like sajcband coz:

- ppl are motivated: just remember the band dinner and everyone had an important part to play? we were all having so much fun, and yet, at the same time things got done. like the first time the masquerade dance was put together everyone watching was just wowed and totally blown away. i think Janice cried too! haha. furthermore, everyone just wanted to make things better, staying late into the night preparing the gifts, practicing, louis staying up to edit the video etc.

- there is no apathy: ppl blog about band! is there ANY other CCA in college tt does tt? the fact tt we even bring issues to prominence in the blog or during band prac shows that no one realli couldnt care less.

- we strive to excel : presentation night? band dinner the play? open hse? yes sometimes we do not really reach the peaks of pure unadulterated excellence but who cares? we still strive for it. and we always end up with at least a distinction product. "aim for the moon and you'll at least end up among the stars."

the point is this, never lose sight of your strengths ppl! and remember tt we are a whole, therefore we will always always be a sum of our individual parts. ok. so really, just cut the crap - there is nothing very wrong with the band. it's probably just different from what some of us expected, never the less, there is unity in diversity. yup... i'm being positive here. realli! viva la band!


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whassup la.

first we had anonymous taggers.
and now we have anonymous BLOGGERS?

we're from sajc band man. whats there to be anonymous about? not proud enough to leave your name?
i dont get it.

and btw. enough about how sad we are already. lets stop talking about it and move on with life. tslk about happier stuffs. plan parties or sth. like what addi said "one day we all come in our sec sch uniforms" expand it la. ask alumni join in the party and wear their sajc uniforms! sounds fun eh. school? someone's house? CHALET?? lets do it soon. (:


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argh... few weeks more onli... we can brave thru it... work hard band!!!


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izit realli tt bad???

ok this is juz regarding nic's previous post bout "negativities" developing in e band... i DO feel a lack of life in band... as in pple r playing fer e sake of playing... more like a lack of drive. well honestly i think tt it is "post-results releasing" thingy, pple r not merely worried n down bout their OWN results, but more fer their BANDMATES' results. wat i think is tt pple r alr at e stage of recovering n getting over e matter of results... getting back into form. juz wait n see...

as for things like pple comin' in late fer band, e dota incident, it's e matter of a few "black sheeps" eh?? n to put it across very crudely, i believe no one in e band (yes, NO ONE in e band) has enuff charisma n persuasiveness to talk these pple out of their current state off mind. i'm sorrie to say this, but YES, not even our 3 leaders hav enuff charisma to do tt (no offence tho =X). it's no one's fault, maybe it's their upbringing, they're brought up in such a way where they do NOT hafta think bout other's feelings, emotions, consequences of their actions, cos there's bound to be someone to clean up e shit fer em (my apologies again fer being so uncouth wif my language). MAYBE. well i shud say it's developing into some sort of a social conundrum. MAYBE. i shud say it's rather unintelligent of us to get into such a fit due to a handful of pple whu do not think enuff. to close this case, this prob has almost no solutions, whu dare say "i hav enuff charisma to talk them into a whole new group of pple??", this is not being pessimistic, it's merely being realistic, very.

some of u reading this entry might alreadi be questioning my commitment level in e band at this pt of time. but let's get this straight la, apart from moving on as a batch n improving as a band, we HAFTA be realistic bout such things sometimes. being idealistic is one thing, being unrealistic is another. sad to say, some hav juz crossed e line. i hope i'm not sounding realli negative or like some spoiler up to this pt.

next thing, some of us seriously haven't grown outta secondary school yet. growing outta sec sch doesn't mean "not missing sec sch times" or "not visiting sec sch band anymore". it's more like a mindset n way of handling matters, attitude towards things i would say. MAINLY way of handling matters n generating ideas. some of us still can't grow outta it, we might be physically at e end of JC1, but some of us r realli onli at sec 3 in terms of thinking, i think tt's realli saddening. n it WILL, in time to come, affect e growth of the band. like i've mentioned earlier, increasingly no of us r brought up in very sheltered environments batch after batch, pple think less as a result. now tt our academic assessment fer this year is over, i think it's about time we assess ourselves as seventeen year olds; hav we realli worked n played n slogged n hav fun in e past yr like seventeen year olds? hav we realli thought n acted under circumstances in e past yr as seventeen year olds? i bet some of us haven't.

ok i think i've said quite a lot alr. all in all, things ain't tt bad. so stop amplifying matters into such a huge scale ya? things hafta start from a personal level. do ur part la, things won't seem tt bad then (tho they aren't tt bad to begin wif).


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Saturday, October 22, 2005

CIP day!

hey yo people!!

today's cip was a success!! most of us collected quite some amount of donations!~

especially mal n julius, for filling up their cans!!~

yes, though some ppl slacked, but still they collected considerable amount of donations too!

good work everyone!!

rest well!~


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hey! i'd like to THANK eugene, malorie, marie, mad & ms ho. =)
thanks SO MUCH for the help today!!! =)
flagday was so fun with you guys. =)
and yes, thanks once again for the help,
and sorry for the trouble. hehs.
and... sorry for the wasted milo. tsk tsk.
anyway, enjoy the nai mei and the fruitella proudly sponsored by our dear band pres. lols. =D

-geraldine. =)

anyway, the above are must see pics taken during our break. tsk tsk. =)

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Friday, October 21, 2005

let the circle be unbroken.

peace out~

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Its ok

Hey people, its me Deon. Just addressing the J1s.

You guys should have gotten back your results now, and whatever it is, get on with it and look forward.

Anyway, I was in the band room for your wed practice, im sure those ppl there would have seen me. I noticed something. Your music was much better than my batch's, but the band room was as quite as a toilet between your playing. Like everyone was quiet and all but, too quiet for comfort? Then, after nick's post. All I can suggest is, enjoy your music and keep the discipline but also relax and go wild, it's very important and contributes to the wild character of the band.

If you feel stressed or maybe its too quiet or cold just do some funny thing, and have some fun. Cause the quietness would take a toll on your music also. But know when to play, (this coming from me, rolls eyes) and I suggest you all arrange more batch activities after band and stuff like staying back to play, or sport for life etc.

Just my observation and suggestions la so just keep having fun.


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the recent week has been a hectic one. first was the getting back of results. we saw ear to ear grinnings, some depressed faces and even tears. then it was the open house. great ideas but lotsa rushing. nevertheless it was all good. followed by our first band prac where we tried out totally new pieces. which was enriching and fun at the same time. and finally the alleged but now confirmed departures of 2 of our family members. experienced lotsa ups and downs this week. but i've noticed smth common in all these events. the liveliness and enthusiasm has vanished. "the band room has became a graveyard" ( Eugene, 2005).

the leaders have had a couple of meetings but we jus could not think of the reasons for this sudden change in the band. in fact we found it quite hard to accept this whole truth that the band is no longer the same anymore, and it is a negative change. practices have become so draggy and it is apparent that people are doing things for the sake of doing, cos they feel obliged to do so. btw before i continue, this is a generalisation. i'm thankful to those who really put in their heart and soul for the band.

actually, i felt the change immediately after presentation night. i feel the commitment level dropped continuously ever since, and could this be due to the fact that nth as important, as major as the syf is ahead of us? i'm not sure. if it is really because of that, then i feel sorry for those who continued to slog for this band. however, there is one thing that i'm very certain of. and that is WE lack professionalism. since i'm in charge of music, i shall touch on the music aspect first. i admit that i'm no longer as enthu as i was in my sec school days. yes i do make lotsa noise during full band, laughing and cracking jokes. but i dare to say i nvr fail to want to make the best out of whatever is placed in front of me. yes all of us came from different backgrounds, but jus take a look at the effort we put in. till now we still dunno how to play quavers. notice the times we have to start warm up patterns in quavers again. during tuning, the noise level is always so high. and for sight reading, some jus cant be bothered to look at the score and look out for simple things like key and time signatures. we got the top 2 spots, but are we living up to it? if you think we are, think twice, or even thrice. or has this led to complacency that even simple instructions such as "don't blast" cant be followed? honestly has it struck anyone that the standard of our batch has remained stagnant? i wonder why we are not aware of that, or perhaps we jus cant be bothered to do smth abt it. i'd like to apologise on behalf of the 3 leaders for not leading well. but please please give us some feedback abt the way we do things. take more initiative. whack us whatever. don let this band die ok?

ok next, i'd like to mention some of the disappointing things i saw which got me so damn frustrated. first of all was somebody coming late for band prac, an hour+ late, started laughing and induced many to laugh as well. all these as our poor moses koi was conducting. i stress again, WHERE IS THE PROFESSIONALISM? even if you lack it, i'm sure you do have a conscience which tells you that you shud quickly get settled and join the practice. nxt was someone playing his instrument in the band room while the rest (including girls) helped to carry heavy stuff to the cafe for openhouse rehearsal. i seriously dunno what to say abt this, but it's jus really disappointing and frustrating. of course there was also the inefficiency part and the skipping band to play dota incident, which i won't elaborate on. i know even without naming those ppl, it's kinda obvious who they are. yes some may say i'm mean, but i'm sorry i'm NOT sorry for doing this cos thus far nobody has brought this up to them and i'm jus so afraid that the same things may happen again. hope you all understand. i'm willing to forget abt these matters, but please realise our mistakes and not repeat them.

well finally, i hope we all can work together AS ONE and not as many different parts. the name at the back of our band tee is more important than your section's or the individual's. i'm sure we can all go through this and emerge as a stronger batch in terms of everything. everybody has to play a part in this. the potential is there, it is now up to us to maximise it. don give up. never ever..


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Thursday, October 20, 2005

eef says thanks...

hey everybody! lets do the twist!

coz Open House 2005 has been a resounding success!
70+ ppl signed up for band ok. And the music everything was good too.

But remember this is only the start of our journey together leading to next year. Although we had a good start, lets end well also. Oh! the journey also must do nicely ok. So the bottom line is to give 101% all the times lah.

Kz thanks again. And ppl blog more k!

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Friday, October 14, 2005


Hi everyone!!!
good job today everything's turning out well
get as many ppl to come down for the open house ok
out booth and band room really look nice
like totally we beat all the other CCAs hands down
kkk Bye eef

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I dedicate the month of october to my j2s...

By Min

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Friday, October 07, 2005

open house update

Hi Bandies. Eef here on PR duty

The open house is coming up kz (duh) so we're gonna hav this scintillating theme - STARS
well i'll tell you guys and dolls more during band prac so that i wont give it away...
Just wanna remind ya'll to get your sec sch bandies down coz
and remember BAND CHEER COMPETITION 2005?
well get cracking ok... attractive prizes to be won.
yup that's all
thanks for all your cooperation.

~ Mr Eef ~ :)

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Ok people,

Sorry, I know I shouldnt be thinking about playing so soon but, we have booked a chalet!

It was really difficult to get cause really everything was gone already. But as Sala insisted, we managed to get one on the 28 of Nov. So I book all of u J2s or interested J1s. Its a garden bungalow at Aloha Loyang. Very nice, trust me, I have been there and also met with an accident there. Anyway, please come down, Its one night only, but lets just party through the night k!

More plans to arrive later, including:

Swimming etc.

Peace out,

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

hey guys

j2s: yeah as they ALWAYS say.. its the last lap! just press on yeah! jiayou!

j1s: start already la. soon it'll be over! you dont want to go thru all these again. lets do this once and for all so we can promote. then WOOHOO! celebrate after that! someone can go book a bbq pit and we go bbq or if we're too lazy then lets just go cycle or. i dunno. just plan sth! call me along ar! (:

yay! happy belated children's day!

anyways its october already.. happy upcoming birthdays!
add on if i missed anyone alrights!
6th: jacky, koi
7th: szu xiang
9th: peace ( yes got your HINTS. (= )
23rd: cheryl

oh yes lets call more ppl to come for open house! so fun (:


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