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1. For all J2's to have the discipline to manage studies and band!
2. For J1 Band Members to get settled down to JC life and work hard as a new band member
3. For all band members to be blessed with good health as this would be a very hectic year.
4. Every Band Practice will be productive and filled with fun and laughter, peace and joy.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

jie's funny game stall!

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funny balloon hat!

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Julius 'ML' Tan is being ridiculous again. Anyway, he looks like a fat girl here. Have fun laughing.
By Min

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sajc band

Sup ppl,

Long time no blog and the blogs getting a little dry, maybe its time to make a new one, its already 2005 you know. Anyway concert mania has already started this year with so many schools staging themselves and giving a good performance. But as usual we have so many other surprises that the other schs dont have. So lets kick butt and put up a really respectable performance, for the sch for the teachers and conductors for band for our friends and the ppl around us and for ourselves. Anyway please take care of your health and also keep stress levels low by exercising of blasting on your instruments but please du not use the band room as a means of jumping off. I will work on African Symphony soon, incase you haven realised I haven gone into details at all due to time constraints so far. I will do my best by it requires musical discipline by the band members too so lets work hard together. Anyway Im sian and all and sch starts tml again so Im off doing my work. Ciao.


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Saturday, February 19, 2005

alumni concert 2005

nice photo right? haha!!! stuart, yaoyao, deonnnnnnny, addi, kokie, & kumzkumz. haha. so nice!!!! i put this photo on top of my blog. as in the big photo. nice!

did u all realised can really see kumz in the photo? too dark. haha. i am not racist kumz. i am just straightforward. but well... i still love u all.

ths super big and super red rose is so gigantic!!!! must thanx auntie doris for helping me get them. so nice. but den only got 5. if not i would have gotten them for everyone. so nice!!!

concert was nice. and geoffrey toi took 2bucks from me when he helped me shout 'DEON' so loudly while they were tuning. so embarrassing. coz that time was so quiet!!!! anyway, it was a dare. didnt know he really will shout.

yeay!!! took may fotos. those who want can go my blog click on '3rd.album' to download ur fotos from my webshots. :)

see ya tmr at the funfair. :) i will wake up early so that deon can see me at 10am as promised. and huimin too.


by the way, addi and yaoyao!!!!! cheer up!!!!!! :)


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Thursday, February 17, 2005



it's yingwen's blogging time again. to those performing tmr in the alumni band, haven fun okie? yingwen will be there. i miss all of you.

yingwen has a surprise for u guys after the concert. kekekekeke... so exciting.

deon, i still love you!!!!! haha. dun bully pple.

bye pple. sleep tites!

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Monday, February 14, 2005 first post of the year, also nothing much to say, just that i wanted to wish you people -

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

so if you like anyone must tell them k? haha!


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Thursday, February 10, 2005

a day of ba kua, eggrolls and all the fatty cool stuff

Having fun my bandies? Anyway, anyone game on going to sentosa to slack in the morning before band on saturday? Nothing too tiring, just chilling in beachwear. Just a suggestion. Need to have some fun and just hanging out. Dumdeedum.


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my new shoe. dRe. should i put one lace colour or 2?

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

happy new year..


hahhaa, some of you might have received my festive greetings. i cant understand the hype about chinese new year (as i was talking to joyce), except for the ang pows, delicacies like bakua and the ferrero rochers my grandma would stock up, new clothes and more ang pows! actually that makes it good enough of a reason(s) for chinese new year.

okay maybe i'm getting a little crappy here. its been long since i last blogged here.

and it feels terrible to be sick on cny-eve. i wanted to stay up late late to be filial (to non-chinese, its a tradition to stay up late on cny eve to cny day itself so that your parents would live longer), but my flu was terrible. im glad now at 7.31am, im feeling much better.

and since chu er im going my grandma's place (at pasir ris), i shall make surprise visits..... hahahaa, just kidding. i wouldnt want to catch everyone not home to avoid me.

*sings chinese new year songs*

okay, enough blogging for now. happy chinese new year to all chinese friends, and happy holidays to my non-chinese friends. ang pows, ang pows here i come!


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Lets watch constantine!!!!


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Enru so poor thing...
By Min

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its 12.33 am, first day of the CNY. SO HAPPY CNY!!!!!! unfortunately i wont be able to celebrate enjoy the festivities so I'll use this time to Bloggg.

Tuesday was quite a nice day. When i arrived at the band table, was pleasantly surprised to see a gang of j1's at the band table. but did'nt see many of the j2' i went up to e band room and realized that the j2's were there. Though many peepz looked quite blur and lost in da morning. The morning rehearsal was really energizing esp during hot latin plus plus the shaping and gimmicks. ( see how a bit of cleaning up and prac makes things so much better ) , not to forget the chinky snake song which was quite funky. we played it a billion times cleaner than CO by the way yeah. Oh yeah, the actual performance too , in my opinion was good too. So that's a good start for our very new J1 + J2 band. and the moving of percussion down to the performance area was real quick too cos everyone contributed in some way or another. yup yup.

but apart from that, sch and band is begining to get really really stressful. Had a chat with aloo marcus and enru after SAS POP at macs and we were just talking about how to make the atmosphere less stressful and more happy and stuff. though we were kinda lost and dry for ideas.

Basically, this year,for j2's, the schools going at a much faster pace for the lectures and tutorials and some teachers are hounding on some of us and stuff. Not to mention the upcoming blog test, alevs, trip concert, syf yada-yada.

even for the j1's, i got feedback from the easterners J1's that band kinda feels more stressful than academics. Naturally it would, considering the sch is quite slack @ first 3 months and band with all kinds of up and coming activities.

Mins ago, i was scanning thru all the pics stored in the this blog, and was just reliving all the fun times we shared last year. all the movie outings, shopping, GFC, non-stop eating, sentosa outings, x'mas party, batch chalet, glosz house day thing, queensway things, organising and preparing for events like college day ( our 1st perf ), open house, SAJS, yeah all those stuff.
It was so much fun.

For this year, lets relieve it. let's make it bigger and better. please. let's make our final stay in this campus and band a fantastically memorable one. let's just try our best to balance our work, and band time really well and set aside abit of time to play and bond. That'll be great. furthermore, We've got the J1's now. And The more the MeRrier!

ok, from this sat onwards ( 12th feb ), we've only 20 days to the concert, SAINTS E FESTIVA!
and rmb this concert is led by our batch everyone of us. ok so pls, give your all for this.
We'll be having our batch item, we'll be singing the college hymn while the j1's play the hymn.
and yeah band sings better than choir any day! Nick is in charge of getting the score from sas.

then we have our funky stage band ensem ( fly me to the moon ) which was written by deon and reagan. and wanna get some j1's to dance to it and hui min's choreographing it...
we're making a Saints E festiva banner too.

percussion too has been preparing for their ensem

We're gonna rush thru this things in the next couple of dayz...

oh yeah, and our upcoming event by our Batch, this saturday at orchard. our first ever real public performance. Go full force publicize, call your frenz, u're uncles and aunties, cats and dogs, sistas and brudders, alumni's wadever. we surely would want ppl to cheer for us right... not like the super sian quiet audience we got for the cny performance @ school..

ok tat's all i'm say for now ...

but keep this in mind, it's our last year ( make it memorable, fun , unstressful, shiok, gerek! ) ok!? ok

ciaoz and happy indulging in bak kwa, assorted nuts, raisins and red packets...
Salahuddin aka Red riding huddin

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Uncle Terrorist
By Min

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By Min

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

a New Year!!!

will be back with a longer msg.haha


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Sunday, February 06, 2005

aww eugene is so cute suddenly...somebody ask who's work!?
By Min

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

to my dearest liangshi

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

- ying*wen -

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